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REVIEW: Viscera: Epic Frail

Viscera: Epic Frail
By: Nathan Massengill

Genre: Graphic novel, Sci-Fi, Superheroes
Publication date: 12.6.2013
Pages: Couldn't actually tell you haha, not long
Amazon link: Viscera: Epic Frail

Date read: 2.8.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: A bad date turns into a terrifying battle to the death. Stalked by relentless killers, with only an invisible force field to protect her, this beautiful "Killer Virgin" plays a deadly game of hard to get.

Imagine if Sarah Connor from the "Terminator" arrived in Frank Miller's "Sin City" and, one by one, faced down every evil Immortal from the Highlander series...That's Viscera's everyday life.

"Viscera, Epic Frail" is the indie graphic novel from Nathan Massengill, part of the team behind the graphic novels Deadpool Classics, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Batman: City of Crime. Viscera's stark black and white art style marries the retro-punk wildness of "Tank Girl" and "The Crow" with the symbolic paranormal intensity of Mike Mignola's "Hellboy."

As the owner of the paranormal nightclub "RingRunners" and Ambassador to the Post-Life Nation of Ghosts, Viscera stays busy. She doesn't need men or sex. She doesn't want any trouble either, but trouble tracks her down. Viscera is a fugitive. She fled from an ancient and secretive woman-hating subculture ruled entirely by immortal men. These are ruthless and extremely powerful men, hunters who will not tolerate her escape from their control. In the past, she was content to run and hide, cowering at shadows and sounds in the night. But that was before she became "Viscera." Viscera refuses to run. For mysterious reasons known only to herself, Viscera makes a stand and a very public statement. Wearing a provocatively sexy ensemble and running what might be the wildest - and most frightening - nightclub on the planet (where humans can "party" with the dead)...Viscera truly knows how to make a point. She will fight - and kill - for the right to be her own person.

But when the legendary warrior-priest Theis arrives at RingRunners, he demands she serve him or die. Will this epic showdown be the moment her luck finally runs out?

is a paranormal action thriller that, like its fierce heroine, goes for the throat. A rebel with a dark cause, Viscera gives new meaning to the term "bad girl."

My thoughts

I met this author on a website that brings authors and book bloggers together and immediately wanted to read this book.  The cover is what originally drew me in.  Then, reading the book description and finding out that it was anti-rape, I began reading it as soon as he sent it to me.

I am an opinionated person, especially when it comes to things I'm passionate about.  Over the last couple of years, I've forgotten just how opinionated I am.  This graphic novel, well, it reminded me. 

It was a difficult story for me to read, not because of the writing or the story, but because of what the story was about.  And writing this review was something that, to be honest, I put off for a bit because I knew that I wasn't going to do the book justice.

It is a very powerful story with some good artwork (all of which the author did himself).  Viscera refuses to be a victim anymore, so instead she makes the men who hurt women the victims. 

I want to know more about Viscera and the world she lives in.  I truly hope that the author continues on with this story and gives us much much more.

Note: Since reading this book, I have had a few conversations with Nathan about his reasoning behind this book and his view on the rape-culture that seems to be prevalent in this country (the fact that it happens and that there really isn't much the victim can do about it, a he said-she said event happens, if you can even get someone to listen to you).  Knowing that he wrote this book and dedicated it to rape survivors (not victims) really gives the book a much deeper meaning.

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