Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another ball dropped

Even though I have a lot of fun on my blog, I take it very seriously.  It is nice little hobby and I have a great time sharing the books that I have read and loved on here, but at the same time, I feel there is a certain amount of professionalism that one has when they do something like this, especially when they choose to sign up for things like Blog Tours.

I knew before I even started my blog that I wanted to take part in Blog Tours.  They are an awesome way for authors to get themselves and their books out there and I recommend that every author utilize them, as long as you make sure the people running them know what they are doing (I have heard a horror story from one author who says that his publishing company did a poor job and actually ended up hurting his sales rather than helping them).  They can be so much fun - and are a lot easier than having to take your physical book to several bookstores all over the country.  

Since I began taking part in Blog Tours, I have had some good situations and some unpleasant situations.

Those of you that have been following me on BookLikes for awhile may remember my vent awhile back.  For those of you who don't, here's the quick story:

I had signed up to do a blog tour with a publishing company I was only slightly familiar with.  They had just opened a new "division" and I was on the schedule for their first blog tour.  It was two days before my post was due and I had heard nothing in weeks from the lady.  I was already discouraged with all the rules they have (i.e. it has to be up by 7am my time and be the top post on the blog for 24 hours - both of these were not something they tell you until after you sign up) - but they were really coming in at the last minute and I still had to create my post.   When I contacted the lady (again), she still did not have the answers to my interview questions and was full of excuses.  I ended up not taking part in this blog tour because of the fact that they were SO unorganized.  (I did, however, choose to do the Book Launch from the same company that day as I had planned because that information was sent to me in plenty of time.)

Since then, I have done a Blog Tour for said company that went well. 

I have also done two Blog Tours for another publishing company who have been absolutely amazing.  This company - let's just say that I am willing to read and do a blog tour for anything they put out because they have been so easy to work with, so pleasant, their authors have been great, and I can trust them to be organized - they let you know about blog tours months in advance so you have the information you need early in.

So why am I writing this post?  Well, another company has ... dropped the ball.

What frustrates me most about this company is that it is not a publishing company, but a company set up SPECIFICALLY to organize Blog Tours.  I signed up to do both an interview and a review of the book (because I feel they go hand in hand), but never received a review copy of the book.  A few weeks ago, I received a picture of the book cover and the author's press kit, as well as a link to the tour schedule, which showed I was only down for an interview.  On the day I received this information, I was up to my ears dealing with something else, so I just let it go, even though I feel uncomfortable doing just an interview (I know nothing about this book, other than the book description, or her writing abilities).  The lady who works for the company in question asked those of us who were slated to do an interview to send her the questions and I did so that day.  I still have heard nothing.  My concern is the fact that my interview is scheduled for THIS Monday.  I emailed her yesterday afternoon asking about this situation and have received no reply.

A Blog Tour is hugely important.  It can make or break an author.  For first a publishing company and now a company who only deals with setting up Blog Tours to ... fail ... an author just shocks me to no end.  And, from what I've read about Blog Tour companies, they charge authors for their services.  (Sounds like someone needs to get their money back.)

I have no idea what to do.

I have signed up for other Blog Tours from the same company, but my contact for those three are a different lady (who, oddly, always seems to miss the Interview part of my request instead of the Review part - you actually click on what you want on a form - her and I have laughed and laughed).  I decided to email her, explain the situation and see if she can help me.  (I hate trying to do a blog post at the last minute.  I like to have time to perfect it and make sure it looks just right.)  *fingers crossed*


Andrew Leon said...

It's one of those things where you just have to know you're dealing with people. Some will be great, some will suck rocks.

Meghan H said...

Apparently. It makes me question whether I want to continue doing blog tours for anyone other than the one publishing company that I have enjoyed working with.

I ended up contacting the author who gave me the information I needed. What I find funny is that I received an email from the person on the day OF the interview to make sure that I received all of the information I needed - and, of course, she was full of excuses on why she failed at her job. :/