Sunday, March 9, 2014

Book Release - The Art of Seduction

A Taste of Honey
Book 2:
The Art of Seduction
 By: Gamal Hennessy

Genre: Thriller, Crime, Espionage, Intrigue
Pages: 68
Amazon link: The Art of Seduction 
Price: $.99, free borrow for Amazon Prime members

I recommend this book to:
Anyone who is interested in crime and espionage, in spy stories.

Nikki Sirene is a spy who uses her sexual charms to steal secrets. Her latest target is an Argentine shipping magnate who might be using his company to smuggle weapons into Mexico. Nikki's mission is to get close enough to the womanizer to get access to his shipping records without being detected.

Seducing this kind of man is easy for Nikki, but dealing with his paranoid business partner and mysterious wife create complications and problems she couldn't anticipate. As threats emerge from all sides, will Nikki remain the hunter or will she become the target?

Note: This is episode two of A Taste of Honey. The story began in Book One: Anything for Love and will conclude in Book Three: The Screams of Passion.
My notes:
I read this book as a beta read and absolutely loved it.  Gamal has a way with characters and those  heart-stopping moments where you can't breathe and you start reading really quick because you want - maybe the word should be "need" - to know what is going to happen next, but you're scared all at the same time.

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