Saturday, March 1, 2014

REVIEW: Doyle's Law

Arthur Doyle, PI 1:
Doyle's Law
By: Bob Moats

Genre: Mystery, Police Procedural, Private Investigator
Publication date: 1.29.2014
Pages: 161
Amazon link: Doyle's Law 

Date read: 3.1.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: Doyle is a homicide detective. He’s a good detective, but he has a problem, he’s getting fed up with crime. A hostage situation comes up involving the Mayor of Detroit and a mugger, who Doyle put in the hospital. The hostage exchange goes slightly wrong, but it was enough to make Doyle quit the PD. He goes out on his own to become a private eye and along with another ex-detective, Oscar Drew, they start their business. Their first client is a woman looking for her missing father. But is there more to the story involving bookies, murder, a missing lottery ticket and a hot looking waitress. Doyle and his partner have their hands full trying to sort everything out. 

Detroit will never be the same when Doyle hits the streets. A new novel by Bob Moats, the author of the Jim Richards Murder Novels.

My thoughts

You may know the name Bob Moats.  He is the author of the Jim Richards Murder series.  I read Santa Murders last year, have a signed copy of Trick or Treat Murders waiting for me to read it, and even have the first three books of his on my Kindle.  This book is the first in a new series he's trying, a cop turned private investigator.

I really like this story.  I didn't have a doubt in my mind that I would.  I like the way Bob does characters.  He makes them interesting, makes you want to learn even more about them.  And without characters, you wouldn't have anyone in the story you're telling, which would be quite boring if you think about it. 

The story begins with Doyle (love his name and the reason behind it, by the way) in trouble for roughing up a bad guy.  Then he gets in trouble again while dealing with a kidnapping.  He is one of those tough rough cops who doesn't listen and breaks the rules, but does it attempting to do good.  He gets help from Oscar (who's attitude I love) and, when he quits and Oscar retires, he opens up a PI firm and invites Oscar to be a part of it.  When a young lady comes in looking for her dad, they have their first case and they do what they have to in order to find the man.  As the book progresses, you learn more and more about the characters and reading about their investigation (and the tactics they take) is really entertaining and interesting.

Well done, Bob.  I'm looking forward to book #2. :)

Favorite character: Marge, the receptionist.  She is just awesome and, for a much older lady, fits in perfectly with these two.  I knew from the moment that Oscar started talking to her that she would be a perfect fit and I really enjoyed her character.

Favorite line (well, more like favorite part):
"Whatever, I'm going out for a morning swim," Doyle said and stood.
            "Are you crazy, it's September and the temperature has to be in the low thirties."
            Doyle looked at the thermometer outside the window.  "Twenty-eight," he said.  "It wakes me up."
            "I can slap you a few times to wake you up."
            "Not the same.  I'll be back in."  Doyle went out he door in his robe and underwear and Oscar went to the window to watch.  Doyle got to the water and stuck his foot in.  He cringed and turned back to the cabin.  He came back in and stood by the heater vent.
            "If I ever start to do that again, just slap me hard."


Bob Moats said...

Thank you, Meghan. Very well done.

Meghan H said...

You're welcome. Thank you for a great story to read :)