Friday, March 28, 2014

Raising Chaos Blog Tour - Double Review

Earthbound Angels 1:
Oracle of Philadelphia
By: Elizabeth Corrigan

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal
Publication date: 3.20.2013
Pages: 222
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Date read: 3.26.2014
Recommended by: Red Adept Publishing, R2R

Summary: Carrie works at a diner in South Philadelphia, dispensing advice to humans and angels wise enough to seek her counsel. But there are some problems that even the best advice can’t solve.

Her latest supplicant, Sebastian, is unique among those who have sought her aid. He sold his soul to a demon in exchange for his sister’s life, but his heart remains pure.

Carrie has lived for millennia with the knowledge that her immortality is due to the suffering of others, and she cannot bear to see another good man damned when it is within her power to prevent it.

In order to renegotiate his contract, Carrie must travel into the depths of hell and parley with the demons that control its pathways. As the cost of her journey rises, Carrie must determine how much she is willing to sacrifice to save one good soul.

My thoughts

From the moment I heard about this book, I knew I wanted to read it.  When the email came from Red Adept Publishing about the Raising Chaos Tour, I jumped at the chance, now having a reason to spend $5.99 on this book.  Boy was I surprised when I received the information from the tour and it included BOTH this book and Rising Chaos (thanks guys!! :D).

This book was every bit as good as I thought it would be - and then some.  It is one of those books that I just could not put down - and if I could rate it over 5 stars, I totally would.  One of my favorite books of 2014 so far (and this is impressive since I've read over 100 at this point).

Angels, demons, an oracle who knows what's going on in other people's minds - a new look at not only the characters, but also some Bible stories that I know quite well (i.e. Cane and Abel).  Her character build up was amazing.  The book was well researched and those Bible stories - very uniquely re-written.  Every page keeps you wanting more and the choices of the different characters throughout were ones that I didn't expect.  I like the way the flashbacks are done as well - very smooth.

Let's talk about characters.  When it comes to the heroine - I either absolutely love them or completely despise them (usually the ones I hate are the ones that everyone else seems to love - I get frustrated with the beautiful, can't see how gorgeous she really is, everyone fawning all over her, acts ditsy heroine that seem to be in a lot of books these days).  Carrie is amazing!!  She's intelligent, has been through a lot and is willing to do what she has to in order to make things right.  There are no silly love triangles either, which is a definite plus.

My favorite character by far is Bedlam.  He cracks me up, makes me think and I don't think the story would have been near as good without him there.  Him and Carrie just have a chemistry that is very well written and throughout the story you feel like you're actually there in the room watching as the conversations and events take place.  

It is very rare for me to love every character in a book, but in this book, every single one is so well-written that you just can't help it.  Even the "bad guys" have endearing qualities and there were several that I wish I could have known more about.

An excellent book that I recommend to everyone.  It has a little bit of everything for everyone - fantasy, scary moments, adventure, action...

Earthbound Angels 2:
Raising Chaos
By: Elizabeth Corrigan

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal
Publication date: 2.3.2014
Pages: 303
Amazon Barnes & Noble 

Date read: 3.27.2014
Recommended by: Red Adept Publishing, R2R

Summary: When good fails, chaos rises to the challenge.

The daily life of a chaos demon is delightfully sinful—overindulging in Sri Lankan delicacies, trespassing on private beaches in Hawaii, and getting soused at the best angel bar on the planet. But when Bedlam learns that the archdemon Azrael has escaped from the Abyss in order to wreak vengeance against the person who sent her there—Bedlam’s best friend, Khet—he can’t sit idly by.

Only one relic possesses the power to kill Khet, who suffers immortality at Lucifer’s request: the mythical Spear of Destiny, which pierced Christ’s side at His crucifixion. Neither angel nor demon has seen the Spear in two thousand years, but Azrael claims to know its location. Bedlam has no choice but to interpret woefully outdated clues and race her to its ancient resting place.

His quest is made nearly impossible by the interference of a persnickety archivist, Keziel—his angelic ex—and a dedicated cult intent on keeping the Spear out of the wrong hands. But to Bedlam, “wrong” is just an arbitrary word, and there’s no way he’s letting Khet die without a fight.

My thoughts

In this one, Carrie (Bedlam calls her Khet) has moved on to a new town, a new job and changed her name and, as usual when she's done this throughout the thousands of years she's been alive, she doesn't let her best friend Bedlam know where she's gone, wanting to enjoy the little bit of Bedlam-free time in a new place before he finds her (a game that they play).  Even though this one is still centered on Carrie, it's mainly focused on Bedlam and the adventure he sets out on to save Carrie's life.

This book is a lot of fun and I love it as much, if not more, than the first one.  You learn a lot more about Bedlam and other characters, PLUS it switches Point of View, which is done very well, as were the flashbacks that gave you more information about the individual characters.

In this book, I especially like the way that they use the Spear of Destiny and all that he has to do to prove that he is worthy.  The ending was not at all what I expected when I began this story, but I loved every minute of it.

I really would like to read more about these characters so Elizabeth, if you have more of this story in you, please - PLEASE!?!?! - write it. :)

Elizabeth will be back to visit me two more times over this blog tour - once for an interview and once on Between the Bindings.  I am so excited because she is a really interesting and talented lady.  To find out more about the blog tour and it's other stops, you can check out the blog tour page on Red Adept Publishing here.


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Thanks so much for hosting my tour!

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You are VERY welcome!! :)

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Loved your reviews! Bedlam was my favorite character also. I hope to read more from this series. I also look forward to your interview and once on Between the Bindings with Ms. Carrigan.

Meghan H said...

Thank you!!