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REVIEW: Ruby Marvellous

Ruby Marvellous
By: Sally Harris

Genre: Family, Humor, Middleschool
Publication date: 11.20.2013
Pages: 88
Amazon link: Ruby Marvellous 

Date read: 3.8.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: Meet Ruby. She's extremely rich and astonishingly lazy. She can't do anything for herself. She can't dress herself or brush her hair. She has someone to clean up after her, to do her homework and she is too lazy to even wipe her own backside after using the loo. (She calls her Nanny in to do that for her!) When her celebrity chef parents head off to attend a conference, Ruby is not impressed at being left behind yet again. Instead of staying at home with her two ponies, chocolate fountain, private rollercoasters and cinema sized plasma screen televisions to keep her occupied, Ruby is sent to stay with her cousins, the boring Bunsens. From the moment she arrives at Bunsen Cottage, however, it is clear Ruby's visit is going to be anything but dull ... A laugh out loud funny book by the author of DIARY OF A PENGUIN-NAPPER, Sally Harris.  

My thoughts

Ruby comes from a rich family and her parents are famous chefs who make everything big.  She's not exactly spoiled, but she never has to do anything for herself.  When her nanny goes on her annual vacation at the same time that her parents are off to do one of their TV shows, she's dropped off (with her dog, Pav, via helicopter) at her aunt's house.   Things don't go so well, but there is always a lesson to be learned.  

I really like the characters in this book.  Her three cousins and aunt are very into inventing things and she wants them to like her, but instead she seems to mess up and make them dislike her more, especially Edie.  But in the end, they all come together to save the day.  

I think this is a great story for middleschool children - or for family time reads with younger kids.  There are no pictures, but the writing and descriptions are fun and creative.  You can almost see what the author is describing in your head.  I shared it with a couple of little ones and they laughed and laughed.  I would love to see another story about Ruby and her very interesting family. 

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