Saturday, March 22, 2014

REVIEW: There's a Mouse Hiding in This Book

There's a Mouse Hiding in This Book
Benjamin Bird

Genre: Children's Books
Publication date: Coming 9.1.2014
Pages: 32

Date read: 3.14.2014
Received from: NetGalley (Read 2 Review)

Summary: This Tom and Jerry interactive picture book holds a surprise on each page! Where is Jerry hiding? On the title page, on the back cover, or somewhere in between? Little readers will howl with delight each time they open the covers and try helping Tom find the mischievous mouse. Perfect for storytime.

A light, quirky "meta-fictional" picture book series using the well known, timeless characters of Tom and Jerry. Young readers will whoop with delight at the story and artwork, but parents and caregivers will also appreciate the humorous and gentle introduction to the process of reading and the parts of the book.

My thoughts

This is a Tom & Jerry book reminiscent of There's a Monster at the End of This Book with Sesame Street's Grover (one of my favorite Sesame Street books).

It's a fun book, so cute, but I would have liked to see it longer i.e. a few more ways for Tom to get the reader involved with catching Jerry.

I shared this with some toddlers and they got a real kick out of shaking the iPad and taking part in this book. :) 

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