Sunday, April 13, 2014

REVIEW: Line of Succession: The Price of Power

Line of Succession: The Price of Power
By: Michael Vandor

Genre: Political Thriller
Publication date: 3.29.2014
Pages: 286
Amazon link:  Line of Succession: The Price of Power

Date read: 4.13.2014
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Summary: Charismatic U.S. Senator Kathleen Canfield has made history through her election as Vice President of the United States. Beautiful, full of vigor and wit, she has been anointed by the media as "the female JFK". However, as events propel her toward the presidency, elements in the government set in motion plans to ensure that she never reaches the Oval Office.

Canfield's journey will ultimately take her to the White House during a time of world crisis (the Balkan conflict), where she will battle forces within her own administration and government to lead a nation from the brink of war. The price she must pay for the power of the presidency will be the life of a member of her very own family.

Stylishly written, this political thriller delivers a unique flavor that crosses lines between Tom Clancy and Danielle Steele. Opening with an assassination attempt on the Vice President, the story is fast paced, steaming downhill from cover to cover.

My thoughts

I really enjoyed this story.  The beginning scene - in a cemetery with US Senator Kathleen Canfield caught between the cross-hairs - swept me up into an adventure that was better than I could have expected.  Problems at home and fighting her way in the government, her journey to the Oval Office was very powerful and makes you look at our government with a new perspective.  I can't wait to read more by this author. 

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