Monday, April 21, 2014

REVIEW: One in the Chamber

Burnt Mountain 2:
One in the Chamber
By Cheryl Campbell

Genre: Fantasy, Middle School
Publication date: 11.7.2013
Pages: 274
Amazon link:  One in the Chamber

Date read: 4.20.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: When Ilnin and his ravenous clan escape the world hidden beneath Burnt Mountain and burn 13-year-old Rio Kaiser's home, she must return to the underground world of living nightmares to find and rescue her parents. Will the burden of her unusual ability overwhelm Rio? Or will she succeed in helping her mother and father survive Ilnin’s wrath?

My thoughts

An adventure from the very beginning, once again with Emma searching for her adopted daughter, Rio.  This time she has more people to help her out, more people who know what's going on - but will they survive?  Now it's Rio's turn to save her parents (her aunt who adopted her and her real father) - with the help of her friends from England, who got there as fast as they could when they found out what had happened.

This book begins with the scary creatures from last summer coming into Rio's backyard.  (What a great beginning - and one that leaves your head full of questions, making it next to impossible to put the book down.)  Before Emma sets off with the search party to find Rio, she learns somethings she didn't know, which adds even more questions to think about.  Lots of action and twists - again I was unable to put the book down, found myself reading and reading until I had finished the story.

I really like the description of the Tuar - very well done and more than what was in the first one.

There were some editing issues in this book as well.  Again, it did not effect my star rating, but felt it should be noted so the author could take a look a that. 

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