Saturday, April 12, 2014

REVIEW: The Book of Calling

The Book of Calling
By: Tania Donald

Genre: Horror, Occult
Publication date: 3.5.2014
Pages: 266
Amazon link:  The Book of Calling

Summary: Paris, 1890: In an ancient and blood-stained book of black magic, The Book Of Calling, composer Nicolas de Bresson writes the name of the beautiful chanteuse he adores – a woman who doesn’t even know he exists. But what happens to a heart won through bewitchment? And what price does The Book of Calling demand in return for its favours?
Out of his depth and plunged into a labyrinth of unimagined horrors, Nicolas must unravel the dark mysteries of The Book of Calling and pit himself against the demonic forces that are rising from the shadows to drag his spellbound lover to deathless damnation.

Haunting, chilling and bloody, The Book of Calling is a gothic tale of buried secrets, immortal evil, and a love that reaches back from the grave.

My thoughts

What would you be willing to do to get the person that you're in love with?  Nicolas de Bresson is willing to do anything, to pay any price.  When he meets a guy at a bar, he gets drunk and pours out his story - and that's where the story really begins. 

I could not put this book down.  It was SO good.  The story is told in 1st person, Nicolas telling his story, and I usually have a problem with the whole 1st person thing, but the author does a really good job.  The things that he was willing to do to have the life and the love that he wanted - and the way she behaved throughout the whole story - and the other things - just ... wow!  That's all I can say, just, wow! 

Favorite character: Nicolas' aunt Mathilde-Helene - she is awesome.  I also like his bird, Maxim.

Favorite line: "I am a collector of social intelligence.  Gossip implies trivial information.  But the information I collect is seldom trivial - no, no, quite the opposite."

"There are those who merely repeat what they hear," she observed, scratching Maxim's neck so that he pressed himself against the bars to be closer to her.  "But I collate, I file, I cross-reference and I deduce.  It is a study to which I have devoted my life.  It is all quite scientific, I assure you, and when put together it forms an utterly fascinating picture of what is really going on."

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