Wednesday, April 23, 2014

REVIEW: The Hex Breaker's Eyes

Hex Breaker 1:
The Hex Breaker's Eyes
By: SD Tennant

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Horror
Publication date: 3.15.2014
Pages: 153
Amazon link:  The Hex Breaker's Eyes

Date read: 4.22.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: Small-town fifteen-year-old Mindee Vefreet thinks she's going crazy when she sees a girl from school glowing in the dark. But when bad things start to happen around the glowy girl, it quickly becomes clear that what Mindee's eyes can see is very real, and very dangerous.

Mindee is a seer, able to see hexes clinging to the victims of black magic. With no knowledge of magic or the occult, and no experience in breaking spells, attempting to break the hex seems almost impossible. Soon other people are getting hexed, the magic is turning lethal, and Mindee is drawing dangerous attention.

Because, to a certain type of witch, the only thing better than a good seer is a dead seer.

My thoughts

What would you think if, on the way home one evening with your best friend, you notice a girl across the street *blink blink* glowing?  And, even more, what would you think if your best friend thought you were lying - or, worse, crazy - because she doesn't see it?  This is how the story begins for Mindee ... and it is only the beginning of the adventure.

I like the main character's attitude about life, the way she expresses herself, the way she thinks.  A well done first-person narrative.  All of the characters in this great.  Her friends - I'd totally hang out with them.  Not only do I want to read more of this interesting series, but I would also be interested to read anything else this author writes. 

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