Wednesday, April 9, 2014

REVIEW: The Last Dragon Slayer

Deathsworn Arc 1:
The Last Dragon Slayer
By: Martyn Stanley

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery
Publication date: 4.1.2014
Pages: 200
Amazon link:  The Last Dragon Slayer

Date read: 4.9.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: There is rumoured to be a noble dragon, an almost mythical beast, long thought to be extinct in Torea – terrorising a village in the north, at the foot of the Sky Cleaver Mountains. Saul Karza, Emissary to the Empress and licensed magic user, has been ordered by the Empress to assemble a band of warriors to investigate, and if the rumours are true, to vanquish it.

Having failed to assemble the band of hardened warriors he’d hoped for, Saul enters the town of Trest with a homeless dwarf, and two would-be sell-swords from the barbarian northlands, who’ve grown weary of working as labourers at the dock.

Seeking a fabled dragon slayer, the last known living soul to prevail in battle against a noble dragon, seems logical, even though he may not turn out to be all they expected. When the companions set out from Trest, they find simply getting to the Sky Cleavers proves to be a challenge and by the time they are ready to confront the beast, their party has changed dramatically and includes individuals from some of the rarest races in Torea.

As the gravity of their grim task becomes apparent, the warriors begin to realize, their chances of success are not good, and even if they can prevail against the odds, it seems unlikely they will all survive the encounter.

Only when the quest is done, is the true nature of the Empress's mission revealed. What is not revealed however, is the mysterious 'Truth', which Brael continually alludes to but is unable to talk about. Nobody can foresee the devastating consequences that the emergence of this ‘truth’ will unleash, and the impact its unveiling will have on their lives.

My thoughts

All I had to be told was that there was a dragon in this book.  Dragons are just ... well ... my thing.  I love reading the different interpretations of this creature.  And this book did not disappoint.  It was fun and had a great adventure, reminiscent, in ways, of other books that I have enjoyed, like Lord of the Rings.  I can't wait to read the rest of the series and find out just WHAT is going to happen next. 


smokemare said...

Great review! Why not show the beautiful new cover though?


Meghan H said...

Thank you for posting. There were two or three different ones when I looked it up and, since I didn't know which one was the latest, I just used the one that was on my review copy. :)