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Binds That Tie Blog Tour - Interview and Giveaway

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome author Kate Moretti to The Gal today.  She has just started her Binds that Tie Blog Tour and I am proud to be one of her first stops.  I am 75% into this riveting novel of hers and CAN'T WAIT to share my review of it with you tomorrow.  Until then, let me tell you a little bit about Binds That Tie...

Title: Binds That Tie
By: Kate Moretti
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing
Publication date: 3.26.2014
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Crime
Pages: 307
Amazon link: Binds That Tie

Love Ties.  Murder binds.  

Maggie never felt as though she belonged until Chris Stevens showed her what true happiness meant.  Ten years into their marriage, miscarriages and infidelities have scarred them both.  Despite their perfect-couple image, Maggie can't look at Chris with anything but resentment.  When a charismatic stranger offers the opportunity for a little harmless flirtation, she jumps into the game.

But charm soon turns to malice, and a deadly split-second decision forces Maggie and Chris onto a dangerous path fraught with secrets, lies and guilt.  With no one else to turn to - no one she dares trust - Maggie will ultimately learn just how binding marital ties can be.

Hi, Kate.  Welcome to The Gal and congratulations on being named a New York Times Bestselling Author.  Let's start our interview with you telling us a bit about yourself.

I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and two girls in a 150 year old farmhouse that has no ghosts at all, which makes me sad.  It does have a turret and, therefore, a small secret room in the attic which makes me unreasonably happy.  I like coffee, old, broken furniture, comfortable shoes, fainting goats, and the smell of rain.

What is the first book you remember reading?

This is a great question!!  The first book I really remember making a huge impression on me was Remember Me by Christopher Pike.  I read other books before that, but that book stuck with me and I read it until the cover fell off.

What made you decide to begin writing in the first place?

I've always scribbled in journals.  I used to write ten page "short stories" and I call them that because they mostly had no plot, just characters doing weird things.  Slices of life.  I loved to envision their backstories.  When I was about sixteen, I wrote one of these stories about a husband who digs a hole in his backyard in the middle of the night and his wife catches him.  I have no idea why he was digging a hole, but it was eerie and definitely nefarious.  I re-read it a few years ago and got goosebumps.  I think I inadvertently channeled it when writing Binds That Tie.

Which of your characters do you think is the most like you?

I wrote the main character of my debut novel, I THOUGHT I KNEW YOU, to be very similar to me.  I didn't want to think about characterization, so I just made her in my likeness.  I tried to vary her and make her a bit more selfish and less self-aware than I am.  But for the most part, her snarky sarcasm is generally what's going through my mind at any given moment!

What books have influenced you the most?

This is impossible to answer!  I think I can more accurately depict what books influence various areas of my writing.  Rebecca was a huge influence in creating mood and mystery.  I'm actually using this one right now as I draft my third novel.  I mostly turn to women's fiction authors when developing characterization or delving into relationships.  So, Jennifer Weiner, Elin Hilderbrand, Kristin Hannah.  When it comes to page turning plot, I go to the master of breakneck plots: Harlan Coben.  I once tried to outline a Coben novel, just to get an idea of pace, and I ran out of steam just writing two sentences about every chapter.

What inspires you most?

I'm most inspired by great writing and depth of character.  When I read a novel that can consistently nail description and wow me, and then also explore the complex psyche of the human mind, I want to immediately close the book and just write something.  Anything.

Is there anything about writing you find most challenging?

I have huge gaps of time where I don't write anything because my life takes over.  I work full-time and have little babies (3 and 5, they're still babies!).  I haven't been able to squeeze in my manuscript in about two weeks.  After this, going back to it is completely terrifying.

What do you think makes a good story?

Complicated characters with consuming motivations.  The drive to do something that even if the reader doesn't agree, can understand.  I  like the characters who can not be pigeon-holed, who constantly surprise.  I need some kind of story and plot, but I can have a thin plot if I have interesting characters.

Do you have a special place you like to write?

Anywhere I can clear a laptop-sized space.  I write standing up, leaning over the counter, cross-legged on the couch, lying in bed.  I even dictate parts of my novel when I'm stuck in traffic.  I cram writing into all the crevices of my life.  I have to.

When you're not writing, what are you doing?

Chasing children around my yard.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I like blending my two favorite genres: women's fiction and thriller/suspense.  I want my readers to not be able to turn the pages fast enough and I want them to be conflicted over who to root for.  With Binds That Tie, I wrote fairly unsympathetic characters.  My new novel, tentatively titled The Vanishing Year, I'm delighting in creating a quirky, entirely likeable character.  The Vanishing Year is about a woman, ten years out of Witness Protection, who decides to seek out her birth mother, only to discover that someone will stop at  nothing to keep them apart.

Where can we find you?

You can find me on Twitter at @KateMoretti1 or on Facebook.  I have a website and a blog called A Beaker's Reflection where I ramble about writing, science, and theories on life, and it mostly doesn't make any sense, but it's therapeutic.

Thank you again for stopping by, Kate, and good luck on your Blog Tour.  We'll see you again tomorrow for the review and Saturday for Between the Bindings.  Some of those answers of yours lead me to a slew of other questions, so we HAVE to have a conversation some time soon. :)

More about Kate:
Kate Moretti lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids and a dog.  She's worked in the pharmaceutical industry for ten years as a scientist, and has been an avid fiction reader her entire life.

She enjoys traveling and cooking, although with two kids, a day job, and writing, she doesn't get to do those things as much as she'd like to.

Her lifelong dream is to buy an old house with a secret passageway.

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