Monday, May 5, 2014

REVIEW: Creators

Lost Souls:
By: Tiffany Truitt

Genre: Romance, Dystopian
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Publication date: 4.28.2014
Pages: 400
Amazon link:  Creators

Date read: 5.5.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: Heartbroken but more determined than ever after a tense showdown in the woods, sixteen-year-old Tess once again returns to the safety of her community of Isolationists. Bolstered by new alliances and desperate to protect those she loves, this time she knows she can return stronger and more powerful than ever to take back what is hers.

As she trains in combat and grows more confident, Tess receives beautiful letters penned by her forbidden love, the chosen one James, from his prison at the council's headquarters. He is now serving as a bodyguard to the creators—the team of scientists who created artificial life in the first place. And what he has discovered about the true origin of the illness that halted natural life could change everything. Enemy will become ally and death will bring new hope in this stunning conclusion to Tiffany Truitt’s epic Lost Souls trilogy.

My thoughts

You ever grab a book, read part of the description and know you want to read it - only to find out that it is not the first in the series it is part of?  I have had this happen on occasion and this is one of them.

Even though I have not read the first two books of this series (at 27% in, I purchased both), this book was very enjoyable.  It is also very well done, giving enough information so that the reader is not confused if they either hadn't read the first two books or hadn't read them in a while, but also leaves enough out that you really want to find out what is going on in the first two.  The characters are interesting and I really cared what happened to them; the descriptions of not only the people, but the events happening were very detailed and, even though there were a few slow parts, I had a lot of problems putting this book down. 

A great ending to a trilogy, with a beginning I can't wait to read. :)

My favorite line: Every time I seemed to get a grip on the world, it moved and changed beneath my hands, becoming a place I had no hope of navigating.

The war would rage but the stars would always remain.  At least until mankind brought the whole world down with them.

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