Monday, June 30, 2014

REVIEW: Blogging Bonanza

Title: Blogging Bonanza
Author: Nathan Beck
Publication date: 4.1.2014
Genre: Blogging

Date read: 6.24.2014
Recommended by: The author, Read 2 Review

The full name of this book is Blogging Bonanza: Powerful, No Sweat, Massive Money Making Tips to Get Your Blog Up and Running, Churning Out Cash in No Time Flat Guaranteed! That's a lot to offer in 26 pages. And that's the first thing I thought of when I was contacted by the author. I didn't create my blog to make money, nor do I have any plans to change that now, but when the author contacted me asking me to read his book, I thought 'why not??'

I was highly disappointed with this book, starting with the book description on Amazon. There are minor editing issues, a poor definition of blogging, a pathetic "Glossary of Internet & Blogging Terms," and the few blogging tips that were provided were obvious and can be found anywhere on the internet. "…if you follow the steps found in this book…" – what steps? The book gives the idea of how to do this and a few places to look, but no real information. The author even says that the book will lay out the steps needed to create a Wordpress blog, but falls short on that too.  


Andrew Leon said...

And that's why I never read books like this. There are no easy to follow steps that anyone can do and have it just happen, so, when an author says, "Here's how to do it!" you can just know he's trying to, basically, trick people into reading a few loosely connected thoughts.

Meghan H said...

So true. This definitely wasn't a book I would have picked up on my own, but you know me and my inability to say no haha.

I did learn one thing from this book, though: How not to write a "step-by-step guide."

Andrew Leon said...

Or just not to write a step-by-step guide.

Stranger. :P

Meghan H said...

That's a plan too haha, but some people REALLY like reading step-by-step guides to things. They are everywhere.

And, you know where to find me, Mr :p I tend to leave people alone unless they contact me, especially authors who I know are busy doing author-type-stuff :) Hope you and your family are doing well.