Monday, June 30, 2014

REVIEW: Think and Grow Dead

Title: Think and Grow Dead
Author: Max W Miller
Genre: Short story, suspense, paranormal, horror
Publisher: Ironshield Marketing LLC
Publication date: 5.26.2014
Pages: 35

Date read: 6.24.2014
Recommended by: The author, Read 2 Review

Summary: A prosperous architect decides to give up his downtown office and move his business to his home. His so called noble purpose is to spark his creativity by gazing down the spectacular hillside of his California estate. But the true reason has everything to do with his beautiful Hawaiian neighbor, Linda Mahelona, who works daily in her greenhouse right in plain view.
     Michael Henson's appetite for unfaithfulness has driven a wedge between him and his wife, Patty. Now with his mind obsessively thinking about Linda, Patty had become a non-factor. Finally, he makes his move by going to see Linda. She gives him a tour of the exotic flowers in her green house, one in particular is a monstrous plant called a Silversword. The Silversword frightens Michael, but not enough for him to abandon his corrupt intent for Linda.
     Ever been bullied to the point of thinking about suicide? Ever suffered through the mental anguish and shame that comes after rape? Ever been beaten into submission? Do you believe in justice? If you answered yes to any of these questions: the end of "Think and Grow Dead" will read like Sweet Revenge.

Michael has become obsessed with his beautiful neighbor, Linda, despite the fact that he has a wife and children, and she has a husband in the military away on duty. Michael is not one to take no for an answer and payback really is a …

Talk about giving the complete story away. The book description, the dedication page – we all know, before even beginning the story, that a rape is involved, and after knowing Michael for less than a page, you know it's him. We also know that there's a twist and revenge (the book description calls this: "A quirky tale of sweet revenge"). Was there even a point of reading the story? Not really. It really was lame. The payback idea was kinda cool, but the story was just not done well. The characters aren't likeable and the way people behaved wasn't believable – she was willing to take it for the team, I guess, just to be able to get her revenge. I did like the cover, though, if that helps. But that's about all I liked.

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