Friday, July 25, 2014

REVIEW: Children of the Gods: The Talon Project

Children of the Gods: The Talon Project
Author: Darryl Olsen
Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure
Publisher: ASJ Publishing
Publication date: 4.27.2014
Pages: 69

Date read: 7.22.2014
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Summary: Some codes are best left secret.
     What if I told you there existed a bible code? Not just any bible code, but one capable of turning the Book of Genesis into the most technologically advanced epics ever told; would you believe it? Well thanks to one of the Cold War's best kept secret, such a code does exist.
     The Talon Project is an original bible code discovered by the world's best and foremost scientist. This unique code turns the Book of Genesis and other ancient creation stories into the most technologically advanced epic ever conceived.
     Not everybody is happy with the project going public. Will you believe in the code?

Ex-FBI and a reporter, conspiracy theories and secret government projects, the paranormal and secret codes, an interview that leads to more questions, a strange black SUV, a secret meeting, and the "true" story behind religion. Who do you trust? What do you believe?

This was a very interesting story. A meeting with an ex-FBI agent leads this reporter to an adventure he did not expect – and answers he never expected to receive.

The reporter was the most interesting character to me. He wasn't necessarily a "good guy," but he still got involved with this story, took chances, put his family on the back burner … all to find out what this big story was all about (typical reporter? eh, maybe not). The people he met along the way made the "lead up" to the end of the story even more interesting. I definitely want to know more and see where this story will lead.

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