Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Brand-Spanking-New iPad Mini

After seeing that I had over 145,000 views on The Gal in UNDER a year, I got pretty gosh darn excited and decided to buy myself a brand-spanking-new mini iPad as a big kudos.  I can't tell you how excited I actually was about this purchase.  The weekend before, my mother had purchased herself one and, after checking out a few of the features, I refused to play with it because I didn't want her play toy to ruin the fun that I was gong to have with mine.

Saturday, July 19th, we headed to La Cantera (one of the big malls here in San Antonio, an outdoor one) so we could be at the Apple Store when it opened.  (We actually got their 30 minutes early - isn't that always the way? - and spent some time window shopping at the closed stores in that section of the mall.)

We walked into the store and stood over by the mini iPad table.  We watched Apple employees roam around the store, some helping customers, some completing the classes that they provide their customers, some just lost ... I was ready to bust with anticipation haha.  Seriously, the wait was killing me - I even wandered over to the covers to see if they had received anything new (in one week, right?).

It was FINALLY our turn (we were, honestly, probably in there for five minutes).  This "gentleman" (why is it in quotes, you ask? you'll see) comes up, does not introduce himself (but does shake our hands) and immediately starts rushing us through the process of picking out our item.  Now, we knew what we wanted, BUT that doesn't mean that his customer service capabilities should all of the sudden be thrown out the window.  (This was especially bothersome since, that weekend before, we spent several thousand dollars in this store and had AMAZING customer service - if you go to that mall, ask for Jay Walters - and were back to spend even more money.)

He rushed through the transaction, even though I was being courteous and playful (hoping to bring Mr. Poop-in-His-Pants out of his huff), then took the box holding my iPad, stuck it in the bag and laid it on the counter in front of me before handing me a printed out receipt.


You're thinking, "She's just being silly," right?  Have you BEEN to an Apple store?  This is not what they do.  You get sent over to the set-up table so that everything is working BEFORE you leave the store.  I had to ask him about this.  His reply?  "Well, we can do that, but it's super easy to do on your own."  (They were also one of the first companies to email the receipts to you and have never actually handed us a physical one in ALL the time we've been customers.)


I had to keep saying "Mom" very sternly - she looked as if she was going to Tombstone him RIGHT THERE.  

We ended up just leaving.  My play toy was ruined.  I couldn't even play with it in the car!!!!!!!!!

As we walked out to the car, my mom looks at me and says, "Was that the same one we got me?"  Yup.  "Didn't we pay more for mine?"  Hmm ... She's right.  We got in the car, me saying that I would deal with it when we got home, but I just could not wait.  We pulled into a parking space and I got out of the car to call the manager (thanks, douche bag, for printing out that receipt so I would have the store phone number AND the receipt number - your name wasn't on it and you didn't give it to us, but we still found you!!!!).  

The manager ... was shocked.  And very UNHAPPY that a customer was treated this way in his story.  I mean, people have off-days - I get that - but people in the Apple store are ALWAYS nice (mom says he must have failed orientation haha).  The whole time I'm talking to him, I'm watching her play with hers through the car window *sobs*  Turns out the reason that mine was cheaper was because I had asked for Apple Care, which he had put on my bill ... and then removed BEFORE we paid.  So the manager ended up having to take care of it - and was very nice about the whole thing, apologizing profusely (and it didn't sound like he was just saying it to appease me).

I know what you're thinking.  She got home and set it up and it worked beautifully and this has a happy ending.

Not quite.

The next day (this would be Sunday, July 20th), while I was checking my emails, the whole thing shut off on me.  No, the battery was not dead.  IT was actually plugged in at the time and I had just noticed that it was at 100%.  

I was ready to cry.  Just about did.  Went into mom, in a panic, with it cradled in my arms, thinking I had somehow already broken my toy.  She plugged it in her room and we left it alone for an hour.  When I attempted to turn it on again (I tried several times before and after I went into her room), the apple showed up on the screen.  Sadly, it kicked me off twice more that day.  And three times on Monday.  

On Tuesday I had grown quite annoyed and called Apple Care (where I got to speak to a man named Ron Cordery).  He spent several hours trying to get this thing to work and, after all that, we found out that what he tried had not worked.  He finally had to leave for the day, but promised to call me back on Thursday (he was off Wednesday) to try again.

On Wednesday morning, I tried what he had tried by myself - basically restarting the thing from straight-from-the-factory settings - and this time it worked rather quickly.  Sadly, a few hours later, things started to go wrong again - and I was kicked off twice that day.

By this time I was concerned that, even if we did get it "fixed," we would be having problems still later on.  The next day, I told him what happened and he set me up an appointment to go out to the store (yes, we were planning on going back to La Cantera) and get it replaced.  He also decided, to make me a happy customer again, that he was going to give me a gift of another Apple product.


I know when you get a bad pizza from Dominos, they will send you out a free one, but I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought that the Apple store (who doesn't have a cheap thing in their store haha) would send me one of their items for free.

I actually told him to stop playing around.

He laughed and asked me what color I wanted.  I told him blue.  

Shocked, I was!!

We decided against going out to La Cantera on Friday and instead changed to North Star Mall on Saturday.  The people in there were amazing, just like they should be - and yes, I did tell the story a few times.  They were all appalled that someone would treat customers like that, especially us since we are "so nice."  They gave me my new one (brand-spanking-new out of the box) and helped me to set it up (even though, by this time, I had the whole thing memorized).  

And while I dealt with that, mom bought some more Apple stuff haha - a blue rubber keyboard cover for the Macbook Pro and this pen that you can use on the iPad with Mickey Mouse on it (it's used to draw, color, etc on a Disney app).

I received my gift yesterday - it's ... beautiful!!  :)

If I wasn't already an Apple customer, I would definitely be one from now on.  The way that all of the employees took care of us and made sure that we didn't have another bad experience was amazing and shocking, especially in this day and age when there are lots of people who don't have any pride in their place of employment and work-ethic is something people don't know the meaning of.

Way to go, Apple, on doing EVERYTHING you could to make up for the bad situation ... and going even beyond that.


Sage Adderley said...

Congrats on your new iPad! I am a big Apple fan, too :)

Meghan H said...

Thank you, Sage. I have loved everything Apple I have tried so far and this is so much easier to play with compared to the regular size iPad, which gets heavy after awhile.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Jim Fantazzia said...

What was the gift that came in blue, smart cover, smart case, iPod Touch?

Cordia Remsen said...

That Ipad mini is a great new tool we just recently got one for christmas from our in laws. My husband loves to use it for work as well. It makes his life so much easier. He can take notes and screenshots of what ever he is doing at the time and can archive it so much easier. Great blog.

Cordia Remsen @ RB’s Computer Service