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MY THOUGHTS: Who's the Girl in the Fat Suit?

Who's the Girl in the Fat Suit?
By: AL Elder

Genre: Self-help, Weight loss
Publisher: Eight Paws Publishing
Publication date: 5.12.2014
Pages: 182
Amazon link:  Who's the Girl in the Fat Suit?

Her mother warned her!  She told April that one day all the sodas and candy bars would catch up to her.  When it happened, and yes, it happened ... April stood shell-shocked in front of the bathroom mirror staring at her larger than life reflection.

Blaming a happy marriage, genes and the curse of her mother, April set out on a journey to improve her self-image.  She tried everything from red and green highlights in her hair to piercings and acrylic nails, but still found the fat suit to be all consuming.

Who's the Girl in the Fat Suit? is a true story of a one woman's journey from a size four to a size twelve-ish.  April struggled with self-acceptance and finally found her answer to weight loss, but not without failing and falling numerous times.  This memoir is written in a blog-like style complete with quick and easy to read chapters.

If you have ever stood in front of a full-length mirror and asked, "Really?" you may enjoy April's latest release: Who's the Girl in the Fat Suit?

This is not a review.  These are my thoughts on a book that I fully enjoyed, a book that influenced me to stop the emotional, psychotic, abusive relationship that I have with myself.

I met April through a blog tour website that connects authors to bloggers.  She is an amazing lady, super friendly, hilarious, and open to sharing her struggle with all that will listen.  In our first few emails, we discussed everything from blog tours, reading and writing to our personal weight loss dilemmas, and I am happy to now be able to call April my friend.

In these emails, she shared with me that her editor was amazing, but that she felt she was losing her voice along the way and asked me (a freelance book editor) about my process.  Before I knew it, she was hiring me to take a look.  It is always great to work with an author who is excited to hear your recommendations and is open to what you have to say.

Having edited the book in question, anyone who knows how important my blog is to me will understand why these are my thoughts and not a review.  I know that other editors do review the books they edit because they have, in fact, read the book, but ethically I won't do that.  I do, however, feel very strongly about the subject of this book and recommend it to those who struggle with weight.

On my first read-through, I fully connected with this book.  I really like the way April expresses herself, the way she uses humor to make her story easier to digest.  Her stories are embarrassing and real; her sharing these show me that she is a real person who has tried and failed, but keeps on trying.  There are parts of this book that made me think ... parts of this book that made me laugh, sometimes even snorting without laughter ... and parts of this book that made me cry.  I've lived this, I've felt this.  I think that readers will really feel a bond with her and her book has most of the things that I want to see in a book like this.

I knew, from our discussions on the book, that one of the things she was worried about was setting people up to fail.  No real self-help writer wants to do that to their readers, especially ones that have gone through that huge let-down themselves.  I felt, though, that sharing some of the things that worked for her was important, using the "disclaimer" that this may not work for everyone, but it's a start.  All of my suggestions are just that - this is not my book and my job is to make suggestions that I feel will enhance the book.

A few days later, I received another excited email from April, and the next day a document with some extra chapters.  While she was encouraging me, through her words in Who's the Gal in the Fat Suit?, to give up my defeatist attitude and try again, my recommendations (and my reasons behind them) encouraged her to write more.

She even set up a blog and Facebook page to continue educating and encouraging her readers.

This book is not a diet.  It is not a "step-by-step, eat this food, at this exact time of day, while standing on one leg in the bathtub, holding your nose, wearing a pink tutu and yodeling so that you WILL lose weight" kind of book.  It is the beginning of a journey - a journey she continues with her readers via social network.  And I hope there's a continuation to this book in the future, whether she chooses to use Hyde 'N' Seek Editing again or not.

This book changed my life and, for a limited time, she has lowered the price from $2.99 to $1.49.  She is also doing an amazing giveaway, exclusively with me - you can enter here on My Pathway to Liberation AND over on The Gal in the Blue Mask.  

Please, when you read this book, come back here and share your experience.  I am always curious to see what others think of the books that I enjoyed.

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