Wednesday, July 23, 2014

REVIEW: Break Up Not Down

Break Up Not Down
By: Caro Cowan

Genre: Self-help, Relationships
Publication date: 2.1.2014
Pages: 36
Amazon link: Break Up Not Down 

Date read: 3.7.2014
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Summary: For anyone who has ever gone through a breakup, for anyone who is still going through a breakup, here is a book that can help you sail through it so that what you are left feeling is up and not down. Breakups can be one of the hardest things to deal with, leaving us feeling rejected, hurt and miserable. But what if we were able to turn that around and see the opportunities in a breakup? See how you can get easily get through your breakup to feeling happy, recharged and positive. This book comes with practical advice, simple but powerful tips, and meditations to take you back to genuine happiness and optimism for the future.

Some of this is common sense, but things we should definitely be reminded of none-the-less.  It's well-written and casual, as if your best friend is giving you the advice that you need.  She even includes some exercises throughout to help you get through it all.  Being that I've just gone through a "break up," some of the things that she said really took hold of me and made me think.

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