Wednesday, July 23, 2014

REVIEW: The Creativity and Camaraderie Club Handbook

The Creativity & Camaraderie Club Handbook
By: Mary Reilly Matthews

Genre: Self-Help, Creativity
Publication date: 1.2.2014
Pages: 161
Amazon link: The C&C Club Handbook 

Date read: 3.11.2014
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Summary: This “how –to” manual covers everything you need to know to successfully create your own Creativity & Camaraderie Club. The clear, detailed structure was created by two psychotherapists with decades of experience knowing “what works” to help your group thrive and survive.

A Creativity & Camaraderie Club gives you permission to quench your thirst for creative expression and play. It feeds your hunger for meaningful community as you pursue old passions or explore new ones. You will expand your definition of “ creativity” into many arenas of wholehearted living.

In my journey of making quality friends in real life, I came across this book.  It's basically a how-to on creating (and maintaining) a group such as this - a place for people to get together and get encouragement for their creative ways (no matter what they may be) and a way to bring friends together so they can become even closer.  It even discusses the good you can gain from a group such as this.  (Included inside are some beautiful pieces of art as well and quotes from the people who participate in her group.)  I would love to have a group such as this.  

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