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REVIEW: Former Fat Girl Tells All

Former Fat Girl Tells All
By: Kelly Ann Grimaldi

Genre: Weight Loss, Self-Help
Publication date: 1.31.2014
Pages: 81
Amazon link: Former Fat Girl Tells All 

Date read: 3.8.2014
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Summary: First time author Kelly Ann Grimaldi shares with the world just how she conquered the mountain of extreme weight loss after losing more than 100lbs and keeping it off. For those of you who hate diets and hate the gym but want to live a healthier lifestyle and lose some weight, this is the book for you. Learn how she changed her entire lifestyle and outlook on life step by step in a language even wellness rookies can understand.

Claiming to hate diets and the gym, there will be no counting calories or meal plans in this book. She’ll motivate you to change your unhealthy habits, by showing you how much she benefited both mentally and physically after changing every aspect of her life as she knew it. Starting with no knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle she’ll tell you everything she learned about eating healthy and exercise along her journey. Learn what she started with, how her fitness evolved, how to deal with secret saboteurs and just how far outside of your comfort zone you really have to go to make really big changes in your life.

By the end of her book, you’ll know that you too can achieve lasting weight loss and do so for all of the right reasons. Check it out to see how she changed her behaviours, thought processes, eating habits and physical activities and learn about lasting weight loss from someone whose actually done it.

A lot of weight-loss books really bug the mess out of me.  Why?  Because most of them are written by people who have never been overweight a day in their lives - or worse, they only had to lose a small weight, like 20 pounds, but constantly talk about how obese they were.  Now maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but it's hard to listen to someone talk about how they "did it" when they really didn't do that much.  They may know everything, but they just don't understand.

This book was different.  She WAS overweight - and she did it the healthy way - no diets, no medications, no operation, no gym membership with a personal trainer.  Not only that, but when she decided to do begin this journey, she knew nothing about what she was doing.  She tells you how she felt, the steps she took, how she figured things out and what she learned - and she does it like a real live person, she talks to you as if you two are buddies.  She even, at one point, says that if you need someone to talk to, you can talk to her.  And I love how she tells you that she thinks you're beautiful, no matter your size.

That was a big thing I liked about this - how personal it was for her, how personable she was - and how she reminds you that you are beautiful and just right the way you are, reminding you that, if you are going to lose weight, you need to do it for the right reasons.

She even makes very good points about how your body reacts to meat and processed foods.

My favorite parts of the book are the second paragraph of the preface, the last paragraph of Chapter 2 (she proves that she is very insightful and caring) and Chapter 18 is the most important one of all.  I loved learning her story.

Favorite lines: "If you're dieting, you'll never be able to keep it up consistently.  What you need to do is find something you can keep doing consistently well into the future.  When I started this, I concentrated on making changes to my life.  I removed habits that I found were unhealthy and replaced them with healthier habits."

"Pick one meal and alter it.  Pick one activity and change it.  Pick one thought pattern and modify it.  If anyone mentions the changes they see you making just tell them you're trying to eat a bit healthier.  It's as simple as that.  We're all just trying to better ourselves.  Trying to live a bit healthier should be looked at as an act of love for yourself."

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