Wednesday, July 23, 2014

REVIEW: Fresh From the Farm

Fresh from the Farm
By Susie Middleton

Genre: Cooking, Memoires

Publication date: 2.11.2014
Pages: 257
Amazon link:  Fresh from the Farm

Date read: 4.3.2014

Recommended by: NetGalley (Read 2 Review)

Summary: Part cookbook, part memoir, Fresh from the Farm chronicles a year of Susie Middleton's life on her farm as she nurtures both her seedlings and her soul, weathers life as a farmer, and creates 125 simple recipes that celebrate cooking with the seasons.

The fresh, accessible recipes developed by Susie, former editor in chief of Fine Cooking magazine and author of the best-selling Fast, Fresh & Green, pay homage to the vegetables and fruit she harvests on her rural farm and sells at her farm stand.  Woven throughout the tantalizing recipes and luscious photos of food and farm life in Susie's witty, engaging story of trading in her corporate life for something more meaningful, simple, and satisfying.

Valuable tips for both cooks and aspiring market gardeners are peppered throughout the book, and design ideas for four projects will inspire would-be backyard farmers.  Fresh from the Farm is for anyone who enjoys cooking with fresh ingredients and eating seasonally - or anyone who wants to indulge their inner farmer.

I found this cookbook to be a lot of fun.  Not only was it chock full of delicious looking recipes, but the pictures were beautiful and the memories strewn throughout made this book mean even more.  I also loved the tips and gardening notes throughout (and their are garden designs in the back).  I highly recommend this book and I can't wait to begin making these recipes.

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