Wednesday, July 23, 2014

REVIEW: God's Promises of Love

God's Promises of Love
By: Mona Hanna

Genre: Christian, Devotionals

Publication date: 4.6.2012
Pages: 58

Date read: 1.5.2014

Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: God understands your pain.

We go through so much difficulty in our lives - stress because of work, anguish from our relationships, negativity from our self-hatred and judgment. We wonder how we'll ever cope.

God promises love and healing in all our circumstances. God sees every single thing that happens to us - our every worry and concern - and is right by our side in what we go through. There's no situation that God can't manage. He'll help us when we're distressed. He'll help us when we're not coping. He'll help us when we can't help ourselves.

God's Promises of Love contains 30 Christian devotions, focusing on God's help when we're hurting. It's the follow up to Mona's successful first devotional, The Nature of God. Continue your journey on the path to discover God's true love and acceptance.

It's really hard to write reviews on books like these because this is a personal thing that someone wrote and published to share with others.  This is their personal feelings, their emotions, their beliefs.  And how can you judge those?  What gives us the right to do so?

That being said, at first I wasn't so sure about this book.  I like devotionals and enjoy reading what other people have to say on their beliefs, BUT it seemed a little childish.  As she wrote, though, she grew and I really got into what she was sharing.  She even made me think, which I feel is one of those things that devotionals need to do.

Favorite lines: "God does love us, and wants what's best for us.  If a thousand sunny days was best for us, God would provide that.  But sometimes it has to rain.  No one likes the rain.  But without rain, nothing can grow."

"If he's not seeing my sins, then he can't see my strengths, either.  If he doesn't see the bad, he can't see the good."

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