Tuesday, July 15, 2014

REVIEW: Grunge Gods and Graveyards (Grunge Gods Blog Tour)

Grunge Gods & Graveyards
Author: Kimberly G Giarratano
Genre: Mystery, Paranormal (Ghosts), Romance
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing
Publication date: 5.31.2014
Pages: 313

Date read: 7.14.2014
Recommended by: Red Adept Publishing, Read 2 Review

Summary: Parted by death. Tethered by love.
     Lainey Bloom's high school senior year is a complete disaster. The popular clique, led by mean girl Wynter Woods, bullies her constantly. The principal threatens not to let her graduate with the class of 1997 unless she completes a major research project. And everyone blames her for the death of Wynter's boyfriend, Danny Obregon.
     Danny, a gorgeous musician, stole Lainey's heart when he stole a kiss at a concert. But a week later, he was run down on a dangerous stretch of road. When he dies in her arms, she fears she'll never know if he really would have broken up with Wynter to be with her.
     Then his ghost shows up, begging her to solve his murder. Horrified by the dismal fate that awaits him if he never crosses over, Lainey seeks the dark truth amidst small town secrets, family strife, and divided loyalties. But every step she takes toward discovering what really happened the night Danny died pulls her further away from the beautiful boy she can never touch again.

What would you do if the boy you fell in love with died in your arms after being hit by a car? Being hit by a car right after you two fought? Knowing he was standing there waiting for you to come back, that the last words you said to him were not nice at all? How would you feel if everyone blamed you, including your own mind? That is what happened to Lainey … and how the story begins.

I am a '70s baby (being born at the end) and grew up in the '80s and '90s. Seeing the music that I loved from the '90s being used in this way was a lot of fun. A great idea and something I haven't seen before. But then I haven't quite seen a book like this. The cover is what grabbed me and drew me in – and even though I am not a fan of romance, I knew, for some reason, that I had to read this book.

This story was really powerful – the things she does, the things she finds out, the way she is treated – you just really get behind Lainey and feel for her, her pain and her happiness, as she goes through this mission to help save the boy she loved. And Wynter, the evil bully (did all schools have one of those?) is very well written.

Kimberly is an awesome author – it is not very often that you see such talent with a first-time author, but she is amazing, eloquent – her descriptions of the different settings – and the characters – are very well written, allowing you to see everything in your head, playing out as if you were watching a movie. I can't wait to see what she gives to us next. (Red Adept Publishing, you have done it again. You NEVER disappoint me with your authors.) 

Favorite character: Wilder. Even though I like Lainey and Danny, the fact that, as the new year of school began, Wilder was ready to protect Lainey against the whole school, even her twin sister Wynter, shows the kind of friend that she is and how much she cared about her.


Kimberly said...

Thanks for the review!

Meghan H said...

You're welcome :) And thank you for an amazing book :D

taniekitty said...

This sounds like a great book! I really like the title. Nice review, Meghan!

Meghan H said...

Thanks, Tanya. I think it is a book you would like. And the title is fun - I grabbed it up because of that and the cover interested me. :)