Wednesday, July 23, 2014

REVIEW: Lola's Prayer Cocktail

Lola's Prayer Cocktail
By: YL Mitchell

Genre: Religion, Self-Help
Publication date: 1.13.2014
Pages: 46
Amazon link: Lola's Prayer Cocktail 

Date read: 2.20.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: If there’s one thing women love is a good cocktail. Cocktails often incorporate unwinding, your girlfriends, and great fellowship (or womenship). Well this book is not recipes for your favorite drink! But it does shake-down and mix-up 10 different areas of a woman’s prayer life that often need a sisterly touch.

The goal is to encourage your spirit for a better relationship with not just those around you, but most importantly with God, using devotionals, famous quotes, story-telling, topic specific prayers and more. I truly hope you enjoy, from one sister to another!

I am a religious person, though there are times when I feel that I should be more religious than I am.  I speak to God and all that other good stuff and books that talk about prayers and religion really catch my attention.

This one was short little book about prayer and I fully admit that the cover caught my attention.  When I started reading it, though, I found out that it was more than just about prayer, but about making yourself a better person and fixing your life, making it better.  The words of wisdom are powerful, the prayers that are included with some of the chapters are meaningful and I really enjoyed reading this.  I recommend it to anyone who thinks that they are not being listened to, that feels God has deserted them in some way or even ones that just want a better understanding about prayer and speaking to God in the first place.

Favorite line: "Don't allow your pain or setbacks to be the things that define you, or how and if you worship the Lord.  He doesn't allow our sin to stop us from His love.  The enemy would only be too happy for you to focus on what pains you, instead of the joy of the new day provided you.  So instead of living for the future you end up dying in the past."

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