Thursday, July 10, 2014

REVIEW: The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres

The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres
Author: Marie LeTourneau
Genre: Children, Language, Educational
Publisher: Tanglewood Press
Publication date: 12.1.2011
Pages: 32

Date read: 7.6.2011
Recommended by: NetGalley, Read 2 Review

Summary: This story serves up a delightful recipe for a children's book: take one adorable tale of Parisian mice who want to win the prize for the best cheese soup in France, add a full serving of the whimsical illustrations of Marie LeTourneau, mix in a dash of French language and a sprinkling of Parisian café culture, and voila! We have The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres (Bistro of Seven Brothers).
     With many basic French words clearly woven into the story, readers will absorb the language without even realizing it. There is a pronunciation guide at the front of the book, and directions in the back to the website for the famous cheese soup recipe!

I knew from the cover that I was going to like this book, but I couldn't imagine just how impressed with this book I would be. The artwork is very cute and made me smile just looking at it. I love the pronunciation page and that it teaches some French words to the reader in such a fun way. The characters are so much fun, but I especially like the hero of the story. And, as the description says, it includes a link to the recipe for the cheese soup so that you can try the best cheese soup in France yourself. :)

The class: They loved it – and I must admit that I LOVE finding books that they will want to hear more than once. This is a book that I would buy in physical form so that they could enjoy it themselves in the reading center. And, yes, we will be attempting the cheese soup ourselves. :)

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