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REVIEW: Never Give Up on True Love

Never Give Up On True Love
By: Bernice McDonald

Genre: Relationships, Self-Help
Publication date: 1.24.2014
Pages: 77
Amazon link: Never Give Up On True Love 

Date read: 3.8.2014
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Summary: What if you have given up on love when your very next relationship could be the one you’ve been waiting for?

What if there are ways that you could have that over the moon, wild, fun, passionate love you dream about but they are so rare, you’ve never been introduced to them?

What if you have been settling for security when what you long for is romance and to be “seen”… really “seen”?

What if, instead of struggling in a cycle of resentment and anger, you could actually grow more in love with someone as time goes by?

What if there is a you that you have never even met and certainly never permitted to just be, without fear of judgment or condemnation?

If any of these "What If's" are true in your life, then we need to talk. And, through these pages, we will.

Now is the time to make the biggest choice of your life. Never Give Up on True Love: the Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn is to Love and to be Loved in Return. 

Having just had something end, having this book suggested to me for an r2r really seemed like some higher power trying to speak to me.  I really am glad that I chose to read it.  I like the way she laid the book out, making general points, then specific points, which she goes into detail on.  I like that she gives you steps and answers the questions herself as well.  I like that this is based on things that she learned while going through this, that she knows the pain you're going through and wants to - sincerely - help you through it to be a better person.  I also like that it's not like other break up books that I've read in the past - this one talks about making yourself a better you and shows you how to love the right way, not selfishly but selflessly.  She did a great job with this book.  She takes a personal subject and continues to keep it personal, which makes, at least in my opinion, advice that much more meaningful.

Favorite lines: "You must take care of your own heart first.  You can not give out an empty well."

"It's lonely in there - in that place of isolation - just you and your heart.  Its a secret place; invisible to everyone but you."

"The truth about beauty?
          Weight has nothing to do with it.  Most people neither see nor care what you weigh.
          A man is attracted to a woman's heart, her happiness, her laugh and self-confidence, not how thin she is.  (Many men will tell you that the sexiest thing about a woman is her smile.)" 

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