Saturday, August 2, 2014

COVER REVEAL: The Automation

The Automation
By: G.B. Gabbler

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Book description:
The novel calls itself a "Prose Epic," but is otherwise a purposeful implosion of literary cliches and gimmicks: A Narrator and an Editor (named Gabbler) frame the novel.  Gabbler's pompous commentary (or footnotes) on the nameless Narrator's story ground the novel in reality.  Gabbler is a stereotypical academic who likes the story only for it's so-called "literary" qualities, but otherwise contradicts the Narrator's claim that the story is true.
        THE AUTOMATION is a this-world fantasy that reboots mythical characters and alchemical concepts.  Its ideal place would be on the same bookshelf as Wrecker's THE GOLEM AND THE JINNI and Gaiman's AMERICAN GODS - though it wouldn't mind bookending Homer, Virgil, and Milton, to be specific.

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