Wednesday, August 13, 2014

CoVeR ReVeaL - Shrink Rapt

I have another awesome cover reveal for you guys today.  The book description has definitely caught my attention and it's one I'm going to be looking to read soon.  And I like how mysterious the cover looks.

Shrink Rapt
By: Freda Hansburg
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publication date: August 2014

Book description:
A little hypnosis can be a dangerous thing.
          Psychologist April Simon reaches that conclusion when four of her most unstable patients begin to violently unravel following the murder of their psychiatrist, Lowell Morgenstern, April's arrogant department chairman.  She suspects it's no coincidence that all four were subjects in his research project.
          As April tries to undo Morgenstern's mayhem, she finds her colleagues turning resentful, her career on the line, and the chairman's killer closing in.  Who can she trust?  Maybe Sam Perone, the attractive, cynical detective who seeks her help in solving Morgenstern's murder - that is, when he's not treating her as a suspect.

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