Tuesday, September 23, 2014

REVIEW: Clay Play

Clay Play: 24 Whimsical Projects
Terry Taylor

Genre: Art, Sculpture, Children's Crafts
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 3.18.2014
Pages: 80

Date read: 9.10.2014
Recommended by: NetGalley, Read 2 Review
Amazon link: Clay Play

Summary: Transform simple balls and coils of modeling clay into an awesome alligator, laughing lizard, magic trinket box, and other sculptures, signs, and ornaments!  These full-color illustrations and clear directions explain basic techniques as well as every step of the crafting process for 24 projects, including happy heart, snazzy snip, dancing polar bear, and other treasures.
            Each project is graded according to level of difficulty and includes a list of materials consisting of colored clay and ordinary household items.  The step-by-step instructions feature numerals corresponding to color photos that provide easy-to-follow examples.  Crafters of all ages will adore these fun-filled projects and their products, which make charming keepsakes and unique gifts.

I am big on arts-n-crafts and have a lot of fun doing them with the children in my life.  When I saw this book go up for review on NetGalley, I grabbed it up.  We love working with clay and play-doh - and the projects on the cover look like a lot of fun.  The next time the kids came over, we sat down at my laptop and took a look, deciding what we were going make.  The projects are cute and fun.  Even though the book description on Amazon says this is for ages 7-11, grades 2-6, because of the easy instructions and color photos, children of all ages can make these projects. 

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