Thursday, September 4, 2014

REVIEW: House of a Thousand Hearts

House of a Thousand Hearts
Scott Hale

Genre: Horror, Short Stories
Publisher: Scott Hale
Publication date: 7.30.2014
Pages: 31

Recommended by: Read 2 Review
Date read: 8.15.2014
Amazon link: House of a Thousand Hearts

Summary (as found on Amazon): "House of a Thousand Hearts" concerns Amelia Ashcroft and her two children after they receive a desperate letter from her estranged and once greatly loved uncle, beckoning them to return to the old family estate.  Angered and baffled by his reappearance, Amelia is determined to ignore the request, until a carriage arrives to cart them off.  With some reluctance, she relents and accepts the invitation, and together what was thought to be the last of the Ashcroft line traverses the English countryside.
            It isn't long until Amelia finds that the land is not as she remembers.  Houses sit forgotten and towns abandoned, while strange roots twist out of the earth, like ancient veins from some buried beast.  Holding out hope that the family estate remains untouched by the blight, Amelia urges the driver onward.
            It isn't long until Amelia finds that the estate is not as she remembers, that her uncle is not as she remembers, and that while she'd done her best to forget the house, the house had not forgotten her.
            "House of a Thousand Hearts" is one part of a massive project, where each story involved is both standalone and connected, and will culminate into a series of novels currently in the works.  With no constraints in regards to genre or format, each story is given the freedom to express itself fully, whether it be as a fantasy, science fiction or literary piece, or even as a horror screenplay.

Another short horror story on my quest to find ones that terrify me.  This one was offered to me by the author in an email.  And it wasn't half bad :)  

If you're looking for lots of blood and guts, this is not the story for you.  It was creepy, though, and a horror I think can be enjoyed by the faint of heart as well as the die hard horror fans.  The descriptions, the way it was written - several days later and I'm still taking it all in.  My only problem: It ended and I wanted to know so much more.  I'm so glad that there are more stories to come in the future.

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