Thursday, September 4, 2014

REVIEW: Let Us All Eat Cake

Let Us All Eat Cake
Catherine Ruehle & Sarah Scheffel

Genre: Cooking, Desserts
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Publication date: 9.9.2014
Pages: 224

Recommended by: NetGalley, Read 2 Review
Date read: 9.1.2014
Amazon link: Let Us All Eat Cake

Summary: A delightful collection of gluten-free takes on your favorite cake recipes, from everyday coffee cakes, layered cakes, and cupcakes to show-stopping special occasion masterpieces.
            Celebrate your favorite holidays and special occasions from birthdays to bake sales, Halloween to Christmas - and even the everyday - with delectable gluten-free cakes.  In this delightful collection, Catherine Ruehle, a pastry chef and cake artist turned wellness foods chef, shares sixty classic cake recipes that are every bit as indulgent as the gluten-heavy ones we adore, but gluten-free, all-natural, and with alternatives given for vegan, dairy-free, and nut-free renditions.  A few of the luscious cakes that await: Pink Velvet Strawberry Cake made electrifyingly pink with strawberries instead of food dye, Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes that children of all ages will be thrilled to find in their lunch boxes, and a dramatic White and Dark Chocolate Checkerboard Cake that's a cinch to prepare in advance.  With positivity and careful guidance, Ruehle provides basic and advanced decorating, piping, and plating techniques that will take your cakes from pretty to breathtaking.  So go ahead: lick the frosting off the beaters, cut yourself a nice big slice, and let us all eat cake!

For any of you who follow me or have, at the least, had a conversation with me on reading, you KNOW how obsessed I am with cookbooks - I read and review a lot of 'em.  Let me give you a little bit on my background: I grew up with a mother who loved to cook and, for most of my young life, owned a catering company and was a cake designer.  She collected cookbooks and I began flipping through the pages before I could even read, then moved on to reading the things the author included with their recipes (my favorite has always been the introductions to each recipe).  I took some cake decorating classes with my sister when my nieces were really young (we had so much fun) and I often helped my mom out with the business (baking the cakes, making the icing, preparing the fondant, etc).  I went to school for Culinary Arts and would eventually like to have my own bakery.  Before I moved here to San Antonio, I had my own cake business.  I may not be doing it on a professional basis like I would liked to be, but I still do the occasional baking (it is something that makes me happy and actually calms me) and am always reading and learning more.

This book was a great find.  I love sweets, but know that a lot of people have issues with gluten (and, after becoming a vegetarian several years ago, found that with all the healthy eating I was doing, when I ate things like bread, pasta and rice, the gluten in them effected me in a not very nice way).  The pictures in this book are beautiful, the sweets look delicious.  The authors include lots of information in the book - not just gluten-free recipes, but ways that you can adapt the recipe if you're, say, vegan.  There are even "lessons" on decorating and presentation.  I tried a few of the recipes included and the results were delicious.  If you love to bake and are either trying the gluten-free lifestyle or are already living one, I would definitely suggest getting this book for your bookshelf.

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