Tuesday, September 23, 2014

REVIEW: The Painted Catch

The Painted Catch
Ronder Scott

Genre: Suspense, Thriller
Publisher: Tenth Street Press
Publication date: 6.27.2014
Pages: 288

Date read: 9.22.2014
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Summary: What happens when you are in an elite military squadron and follow an order that was given in error?
            That's what has happened to Shane Braff and Jennifer Koppell when they entered Tayyip Nafisin's home.  He wasn't a terrorist and neither was his family.  But it all happened so fast and the result was that his son lost his life that day and his wife soon followed.
            Not able to cope with the grief, The Painted Catch is a psychological thriller that shows how Tayyip Nafisi turned from dedicated government employee; a man who used his genius to help the United States government, to a man who will stop at nothing to get revenge on the people that stole everything from him.  When Shane and Jennifer discover they are both in The Land of Paintings, they will do whatever it takes to ensure that their children survive.  For Shane, it means the ultimate sacrifice of his life.  For Jennifer, it means coming to terms with the past and doing what she must to protect their daughters in the future.  Unfortunately, it also means paranoia because Tayyip Nafisi was never caught.
            He's out there and she doesn't know where he'll be lurking.  Waiting.  She knows he'll be watching though.  It's his nature.

This is an interesting story, beginning immediately in the mist of action - a small military group enters Tayyip Nafisi's home to arrest him, mistaking him for the terrorist that they are looking for.  Despite Tayyip's claims of innocence, they arrest him, but not before one of the members of the team assaults his young son, who dies a few minutes later.  Life just gets worse and worse for Tayyip and his family - and also for the surviving members of the team.

As we move through the story, we find out that Jennifer and Shane, two members of that team, are no longer in the military, are suffering psychological and money issues, and are struggling to keep their family (minus their other halves, who have passed away) afloat.  Separately they receive mysterious invitations to be a part of a reality TV show during the Super Bowl that could allow them to win quite a bit of money, which will surely help them and their families out.  Little do they know who is behind this show ... and that the other is involved as well.

This story has so much potential and really is an interesting look at a man bent on revenge and the extremes he will do to get it, but it's not as exciting as I would have expected it to be with so much going on (and there is a lot going on).  It's a little slow in spots and could use some tightening up in the places that sort of drag on.  I also was very disappointed to see that the book description gives away way too much of the story, leaving no real surprises.  The characters are fun, but after their behavior at the beginning of the story, it was really hard for me to get behind them, to feel sorry for them - but I did care about their children.  The Land of Paintings was an interesting place and was written well.

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