Thursday, September 4, 2014

REVIEW: Year-Round Slow Cooker

Year-Round Slow Cooker
Dina Cheney

Genre: Cooking
Publisher: The Taunton Press
Publication date: 6.17.2013
Pages: 224

Recommended by: NetGalley, Read 2 Review
Date read: 8.26.2014
Amazon link: Year-Round Slow Cooker

Summary: Make more than stew in your slow cooker!  Year-Round Slow Cooker gives you an eye-opening look at 100 amazing recipes you can make in this handy device.  See how the crock pot you depend on for chilly-weather soups and stews is so much more versatile than you may think.
            25 innovative recipes for each season.  Author and cooking teacher Dina Cheney taps into the growing trend for eating fresh and uses her know-how to make it easy for the home cook.  She has developed 25 slow-cooker recipes for each season that feature fresh, seasonal ingredients.  Along with classics like corned beef and cabbage, you can also enjoy summer Greek-style brisket, peach and apricot bread pudding, Asian-style short ribs, and more.
            Get the most from your slow cooker.  With Year-Round Slow Cooker you can simplify meal prep, prepare make-ahead dishes, and eat fresh from January to December.

I have a slow cooker and I must admit, I've used it around five times since I received it from a friend. And each time I made some sort of soup.  I know that there are a lot of things that you can do with it -  I just, for some reason, never pull it out and use it.  When I saw this book on NetGalley, I decided to give it a read and find some recipes to make me pull that thing out of the pantry.  (Note: I reviewed another book of her's, Meatless All Day, and enjoyed that one quite a bit as well.)

This book is really put together well.  The recipes are divided into seasons so that you are eating foods you can find during that time.  There are beautiful, full-page pictures for most of the recipes.  The author includes several "slow cooker secrets" that are very informative.  She also added in a small section of step-by-step guides with pictures that help you with more than just the recipes they focus on.  This is definitely a cookbook I plan to utilize more, which I'm sure my ignored slow cooker thanks Ms Cheney for haha.

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