Thursday, October 16, 2014


Genre: Thriller, Horror Movies
Producer: Francis Ford Coppola
Release date: 2011 (Toronto International Film Festival)
Running time: 90 minutes
Found on: Netflix

Val Kilmer - Hall Baltimore
Bruce Dern - Sheriff Bobby LaGrange
Elle Fanning - V
Ben Chaplin - Poe
Joanne Whalley - Denise

Plot synopsis (excerpts from Wikipedia):
The film's title, Twixt, refers to the two worlds explored in the film, the dream and the waking worlds.
            The film follows Hall Baltimore, a down on his luck writer who specializes in novels based upon witch hunting.  At a book signing he is approached by Sheriff Bobby LaGrange, an eccentric fan with two requests: that Hall read his latest work and that he also accompany him to the morgue to view the body of a recent murder victim, as Bobby believes that it would make for a great story.  Hall reluctantly agrees and at the morgue he learns that the person was murdered by a serial killer.  Despite offers from Bobby, Hall opts to not look at the victim's face.  At the coffee shop he learns about a local hotel that once sheltered Edgar Allan Poe.  This, along with the murders and various other odd features of the town, prompt Hall to announce to his wife that he wants to write a piece based upon the town.

So, let me get this straight.  Hall is SO down on his luck that he is doing a book signing in a small town that doesn't even have a bookstore - it has a couple of shelves in the hardware store.  The only people who seems to have a clue who he is is the Sheriff (who is, um, interesting) and two people from his dreams.  He ends up investigating a series of deaths - awake, with the help of the weird-o Sheriff ... and asleep, with the help of a dead girl and Edgar Allan Poe - all while working to write a novel that he didn't want to write in the first place.

Good idea, interesting plot.  It starts out rather slow, but soon gets better.  The funniest part of the whole thing is when he sits down to write the book while drinking.  The costumes were good, especially for V - love the way they did her makeup.  The mystery is trying to solve is really good too.

Apparently this movie was not loved by a lot of viewers and I think I know why: the slow beginning, the fact that Val is very moody and a little boring (hormonal could be a better word - and I kept waiting for him to put on his Batman suit), and because the ending is just ... um ... 

I mean, I'm not saying don't watch it.  I found at least 75% of it very interesting and I have this thing for horror writers doing their thing in film.  I just, I can see why people didn't love it.


taniekitty said...

I've been looking at this in the Redbox. Maybe I'll get it on my next day off.

Meghan H said...

Cool!! You'll have to tell me what you think :)