Friday, October 10, 2014

REVIEW: Confinement

C Michael Powers

Genre: Horror, Novella
Publisher: Christopher Powers
Publication date: 10.2.2014
Pages: 78

Date read: 9.18.2014
Recommended by: The author

Summary: He tried to cut off his own face with a razor blade.  Now, he's there, sleeping in his confinement room, and seen only through the small rectangular window in the wall.  For an unarmed Air Force cop stuck guarding this sick and twisted prisoner, this will be the longest night of his life.

Sikes is an Air Force cop and from the minute he arrives outside this creepy building for a night watch, he doesn't want to say.  He gets even more scared when he finds out that he will be locked in this building until his replacement arrives the next morning.  Even having conversations with the fellow AF cop upstairs and watching movies can not help him relax.  Sikes could not have imagined that his fear was justified.

I was actually the very first person to read this story, which has made the fact that it's finally published way more exciting for me.  After some talk about the original ending, he rewrote it and sent it to me and, well, WOW!!  This story has everything that I expect from a short horror story and the ending is the perfect ending to this really suspenseful and creepy novella.

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