Wednesday, October 22, 2014

REVIEW: The Gate

The Gate
Michael W Layne

Genre: Horror, Adventure, Thriller
Publication date: 7.7.2013
Pages: 48

Date read: 10.21.2014

Summary: A man wakes up in Hell - naked and intertwined with a hundred other terrified human beings who have also just arrived.  After fending off a gang of demonic men and rescuing a beautiful woman, the nameless main character fights his way through a crowd of billions, heading for the only rumored means of escape.
            With each passing moment, his wits and his sanity are pushed to their limits as he begs to realize that the inhabitants with whom he shares his damnation may be more dangerous than the devil who sent him there.

This was another one of my Halloween Amazon finds - and it is still free for anyone who wants to go check it out.  It was a good story and I liked it, but as with the others that I found this year, I didn't find them scary.  It truly was a learning experience for the main character and I would check out other things written by this author.  I loved every page, just wish there been some scare to it.

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