Tuesday, October 14, 2014

REVIEW: Murder in Real Time

Patience Price Mysteries 3:
Murder in Real Time
Julie Anne Linsey

Genre: Cozy Mysteries
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 9.29.2014
Pages: 228

Recommended by: Great Escapes Book Tours, Read 2 Review
Date read: 10.13.2014

Summary: With the chaos of summer tourists and fall birders out of town, Patience Price is looking forward to the quiet life she remembers.  She longs for some peace.  And an apple fritter.  But the calm is cut short when a reality show sets up camp to film a special about ghosts on her little island.  Now fans, reporters, and crew have flocked to sleepy Chincoteague.  Who knew ghost hunters had an entourage?
            When two cast members are killed in a room at the local B&B - a room usually occupied by Patience's FBI agent boyfriend, Sebastian - she finds herself on the case.  Sebastian doesn't want Patience ruffling any feathers but, as always, she can't help herself.
            Patience promises to let Sebastian handle the investigation - he is FBI, after all - but after a drive-by shooting, her wicked curiosity gets the best of her.  And with the TV show forging ahead with filming, the list of suspects (and the line of food trucks) only grows.  But has the shooter already flown the coop?  And how do you find a killer when you don't know who the target is?

I am a big fan of mysteries (ever since I was young) and have really taken to this cozy mystery genre.  They're fun and playful - and the main characters all seem to have a sweet side to them.  They're a great book to just sit around lazily reading on a Sunday - they're easy and "cozy," and keep you reading until the book is finished.

This book is no different.  I really like Patience and her best friend, Claire.  They are a lot of fun and Patience has that sarcastic quality that I like in a character.  Each person we are introduced to that live on this smile little island have a quirky air to them and the author lets you learn about them through their interactions with each other instead of a massive info dump that a lot of people do.  The mystery is interesting and kept me flipping the pages until the end, wanting to know who was doing this and why.  I also really liked the way the author tells the story.  She's creative with it and I felt like I was one of the islanders through most of the story.

I have not read the first two in this series, so there were a few things (like when they discuss the couple of weeks before this book begins, the uncomfortable and not always nice between the two main male characters) that left me a little confused, but I was quickly pulled into this mystery and don't feel like I missed out on anything.  (She has intrigued me, though, so I plan to go back and read the first two.)

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