Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Further Adventures of Abry, Fluta and Cordelia Windygale

Cordelia Windygale:  "Why don't we call it Among the Stacks?"

Fluta:  "Hey, guys.  What are y'all doing?"

Abry:  "Aunt Meghan says we can interview some 
authors so we're writing up the questions."

Fluta:  "Can I help?"

Abry:  "Nooooo."

Fluta:  "AUNT MEGHAN! ! ! ! ! !"

Abry:  "Shhhhh! ! You can help.
But you have to be serious."

Fluta:  " ! ? !"  *snickers*
"You can call me Sirius Black."  *laughs hard*

Abry:  "Really, Fluta?  

Fluta:  "Okay okay.  I'll be serious."

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