Monday, November 10, 2014

REVIEW: Describing People

Describing People
Hailey Murray

Genre: Writing, Thesaurus, Vocabulary
Publisher: Baldwin & Black
Publication date: 10.11.2014
Pages: 38

Recommended by: Read 2 Review
Date read: 11.9.2014

Summary: Get ready to turbocharge your writing!  It's no secret that creating compelling characters is one of the most important skills for any writer, in fiction or nonfiction.  But how do you describe the personality traits that make people who they are?
            In this book, you'll find more than 800 words that describe different personality traits, grouped into easy-to-find sections.  It's a thesaurus with one simple purpose: helping you easily create vivid, memorable characters that practically jump off the page.
            Why settle for 'sad' when your villain could be downcast, dejected or despondent?  Or 'happy' when your hero could be chirpy, exultant or walking on air?  This book is full of inspiration for creating powerful characters that will hook readers from the very first page.
            'Describing People: Create Unforgettable Characters with 800+ Words for Personality Traits' is an indispensable resource for every writer, from beginners to professionals.
            If you write about people, you need 'Describing People.'  Start reading and improve your writing today!

I had such hopes for this book, but it was a complete disappointment.  With all this talk about describing personality traits and creating unforgettable characters, I expected it to be more than just a bunch of words.  But that was all it was - nothing more, nothing less.  This book - for lack of a better word - is a list of synonyms for 67 words.  Being a fan of big words, a lot of these already know - and they are easily accessible online or via websites such as  I guess having them all here in one place is a good idea, but I can't imagine paying $2.99 for what amounts to a long list of words.

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