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The Gal in the Blue Mask: Welcome back, Darryl!!  Thanks for coming to The Gal again!!  You are always welcome, especially when you are putting out books as AWESOME as Purgatory Origins: Powers of Darkness :).  What are five NEW things about you that most people don't know (haha)?

Darryl Olsen: 1) I'm an ex army soldier.  2) I am a jeep owner, love my 4x4.  3) I own 2 horses.  4) I spend about 2 hours everyday writing.  5) I live in Sydney, Australia.

The Gal: What is the first book you remember reading?

DO: I'd have to say Bravo two Zero; it was a novel that really inspired me to join the military.

The Gal: What made you decide to begin writing?

DO: It had always ben something I'd wanted to try.  I remember thinking to myself about an idea of walking through a bookstore and seeing a book on a shelf with my name written on the cover.  Nothing was going to stop me from achieving that status.  After some hard work, I'm lucky enough to have a small following now, but you really have to do it for the love of the challenge.  Gone are the days of massive cash advances and cash handouts, so you really can't do it just for the money.  It has to be a process you enjoy and love.

The Gal: Do you have any quirks or processes that you go through when you write?

DO: I'll some times go 4x4 in the local state forest; sometimes nature can be so inspiring.

The Gal: Do you have a special place you like to write?

DO: Mainly at home.  I have a nice peaceful backyard that has a great garden.  I can sit back, relax, and really let the thought process flow.

The Gal: Is there anything about writing you find most challenging?

DO: The most challenging aspect of writing is finding time each day for the process.  You really have to plan well if you ever want to finish a book.

The Gal: What do you think makes a good story?

DO: Something new and different, a story that sets itself apart from the flock.

The Gal: What book(s) have most influenced you? 

DO: I actually love magazines, whether they be military or history.  I love the research and the unique ideas some short pieces bring.

The Gal: What inspires you most?

DO: People that are the first to try things, people not afraid to stick their neck out and really give life a real go.

The Gal: Where do the ideas for your books come from:

DO: The main ideas came from situations I think of whilst going about my normal daytime routine.  Being ex-military I'm especially keen for the high end action scenes.

The Gal: Which of your characters do you think is the most like you?

DO: I really like the reporter Rachael.  She is so strong willed, even at the point of real horror.

The Gal: What have you learned creating this book?

DO: I really enjoyed the history of Egypt, and military hardware used in and around WW2.

The Gal: What do you think your readers will take away from this book?

DO: I'm hoping an enjoyable experience, one that really changes their perspective on books found on Amazon.

The Gal: What makes your book different than others that fall under this genre?

The main difference with my novel is the fact that I have created the first time traveling novel that goes from WW2 back to the present, then creeps its way into the mysterious world known as Purgatory.  I can bet you won't find another book with a similar storyline.

The Gal: What can we expect from you in the future?

DO: I'm currently in the process of starting another Purgatory book with a working title of Purgatory Origins: Men in Black.  I'm also writing another Children of the Gods novella.  Both book are worlds apart, but I'm having so much fun with the process.

About the author:
Darryl Olsen is a writer who lives in Sydney.  He was educated on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales and, after leaving school, joined the Australian Regular Army.  Darryl Olsen now writes part time, and when he is not finishing off his latest novel, you an catch Darryl at the gym lifting heavy weights, but still avoiding all forms of leg work.
            Darryl Olsen is the author of the Purgatory series (Purgatory: Soldiers of Misfortune and Purgatory Origins: Powers of Darkness) and Children of the Gods: The Talon Project

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