Thursday, December 18, 2014

REVIEW: 400+ Christmas Carols Book

400+ Christmas Carols Book
Sheet Music for Piano

Genre: Christmas, Music, Religion
Publisher: Ironpower Publishing
Publication date: 11.11.2014
Pages: 416

Found for free on Amazon (currently $4.99)
Date read: 12.7.2014

Summary: It is no the compiler's purpose to dwell upon the antiquity, the history, and the beauty of the custom of carol singing in connection with the Christmas Festival.  There is an abundance of literature on the subject already.
            The purpose of this book is to place in the hands of those who enjoy singing Christmas carols and holiday songs an abundance of good material.  This book contains 424 titles, most of which are well over a century old.
            These traditional classics have amongst them brilliant works by such famous composers as Mozart, Mendelsohn, Bach, Haydn, and Handel.
            In no special classification of music has tradition persisted to a greater degree than in Christmas carols; and any collection that does not include the classics of Christmas song is not complete.  So, in this book will be found the best examples of the ancient carols, together with more modern compositions embodying the same reverence, simplicity, and spirit of joy that thrill us in the older ones.
            They have been compiled from various sources including rare old books that have long been out of print.
            A glance at the table of contents shows the broad scope of the work, ranging from Pierpont's light and breezy fun children's favorite "Jingle Bells," through to the lofty spiritual heights of Handel's uplifting "For Unto Us a Child Is Born."

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the music, especially the hymns that I remember hearing in church as a child.  When I saw this on Amazon, for free, I picked it up - I mean, free can't kill me.  I'm glad I did.  This is full of words and music (done nicely) for every Christmas Carol I could think of and more.  I was thoroughly impressed.  I have to admit that I expected it to not be as good as it was because I was reading it on a Kindle, but it was easy to read the music and the words.

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