Tuesday, December 9, 2014

REVIEW: Baby Santa and the Gift of Giving

Baby Santa & the Gift of Giving
M Maitland DeLand

Genre: Children, Christmas, Holiday
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press
Publication date: 9.30.2014
Pages: 18

Recommended by: NetGalley, Read 2 Review
Date read: 12.6.2014

Summary: Baby Santa's back this year for another outing - this time to the Big Apple!
            It's just a few days before Christmas Day when a letter arrives at the bustling North Pole.  It's from the Bond family, and they have a question for Santa: How can they share the spirit of giving on their upcoming trip to New York City?
            What a great idea!  And just like that, Baby Santa is off, with the reindeer and a couple of elves in tow, to give the Bond family the answer - in person.  He hosts them on a day of helping others in New York.  Along the way, they find time for the amazing sights of Christmastime in the city!
            Baby Santa & the Gift of Giving is the latest installment in the delightful Christmas series.

This was a cute story of adventure and all the things that the holiday season brings with it - family, fun, happiness, and helping others.  The Bond Family wrote a letter to Santa because they wanted to help bring people happiness when they went to New York for Christmas.  Baby Santa took them all around town - helping others AND seeing all the beautiful things to see in New York.  The kids loved it, especially the beautiful pictures.

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