Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Gal's Favorite Book Covers of 2014

This is a first for me this year, but I decided that since there were several that I absolutely loved this year, I should go ahead and give the authors the kudos they deserve. :)

(Note: They are listed in no particular order.)

Graeme Ing

The Typewriter Girl
Alison Atlee

Birth of an Assassin
Rick Stone

Kate Jarvik Birch

Poe: Nevermore
Rachel M. Martens

The Book of Calling
Tania Donald

The September Series 1:
Jack Lusted

Fractured Souls 1:
Til Death
Kate Evangelista

The Perfect Christmas
Kate Forster


Charlene said...

The Book of Calling is my favorite.

Meghan H said...

That cover really goes well with the story. :)