Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Reading Challenge 2015

Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I don't do anything small.  Last year (that feels so funny to say), I did a Reading BINGO that I heard about on BookLikes.  Instead of doing all in a row (either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally), I decided to try to cover all of them - and, three months ago when my computer went kaput and I lost several important things (including my BINGO sheets), I had all covered but 8.
            This year I decided to make my own.  And, with all that I wanted to cover - and the fact that I'm upping my goal from 100 to 150 (FYI: I completed 272 books this year, not including the kids' books that I shared with the kidd-os) - it took 5 BINGO sheets, but I'm perfectly okay with that!! :)
            So, here they are:

Again, my goal this year is to cover them all.  I think I can do it.  *fingers crossed*

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