Sunday, January 25, 2015

REVIEW: Macdeath

Ivy Meadows Mystery 1:
Cindy Brown

Genre: Mystery, Cozy, Women Sleuths
Publisher: Henery Press
Publication date: 1.20.2015
Pages: 275

Recommended by: Great Escapes Book Tours, Read 2 Review
Date read: 1.24.2015

Summary: Like every actor, Ivy Meadows knows that Macbeth is cursed.  But she's finally scored her big break, cast as an acrobatic witch in a circus-themed production of Macbeth in Phoenix, Arizona.  And though it may not be Broadway, nothing can dampen her enthusiasm - not her flying caldron, too-tight leotard, or carrot-wielding dictator of a director.
            But when one of the cast dies on opening night, Ivy is sure the seeming accident is "murder most foul" and that she's the perfect person to solve the crime (after all, she does work part-time in her uncle's detective agency).  Undeterred by a poisoned Big Gulp, the threat of being blackballed, and the suddenly too-real curse, Ivy pursues the truth at the risk of her hard-won career - and her life.

It's not very often that I sit down with a book and, when done, can't find a single thing wrong with it.  There always seems to be something that bugs me, at least a little bit.  Either there was a character that I didn't care for, something happened that I couldn't quite understand, there are more boring points than I would have liked, the ending falls flat or *cough cough* there's editing issues *cough cough*.  

The ones that I love are the hardest ones to review, harder than the ones that are full of issues.  Why? Because I want to immediately start running-off-at-the-mouth about every thing that I loved, which would ruin the story for the next person.  And I am the last person that would want to do that.

This is one of those books that falls into the category of perfect for me.  It's a mystery, which puts it above the rest anyways (I am addicted to mysteries and horror novels).  It's interesting, it's fun, it's creative - it blew me away.  Each page kept me reading more and it was hard for me to put down.  The characters were fantastic and I loved them all, especially Ivy and her uncle.  

This is a series that I definitely want to finish and the author has joined the handful (or two) of authors that I wait in breathless anticipation for their releases, who I will put down what I'm reading to pick up their book.  HIGHLY recommended.

Thank you, Ms. Brown.  Thank you.


Cindy Brown said...

Yowza! You made my day - thanks for the fabulous review (and for the extra inspiration to keep writing:)

Meghan H said...

You're welcome!! It was a fantastic book and I can't wait to read #2. :)