Wednesday, February 25, 2015

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Follow Your Neighbor

Darla King 3:
Follow Your Neighbor

Author: Rosalee Richland
Genre: Mystery, Cozy, Women Sleuths
Publisher: Wordsmiths4u
Publication date: 10.8.2014
Pages: 160

When her new neighbor Jake Carstairs is murdered in her driveway, square dance caller and accidental sleuth Darla King has a new mystery to solve.  This time, it hits close to home.  The mystery, and Jake's wife, follow Darla to the National Square Dance Convention in Nashville.  Carla needs to figure out what Jake's wife and the killer want before Darla faces more trouble than she can handle.  As the tension builds, Darla and her friends from Clearton Squares once again contribute to solving a mystery.  Her romantic life tangles up with her professional life and her sleuthing, but eventually Darla figures it all out.
            Follow Your Neighbor is the third book in the Darla King mystery series.  The first book in the series, Right and Left Grand, found Darla and her friends involved in solving a string of burglaries.  The second book, Load the Boat, featured a square dance cruise where Darla encountered a dead crew member, a mysterious man with a satchel, and the return of an arrogant yet irresistible FBI agent.
(Book synopsis written directly from Amazon)

About the authors:
Rosalee Richland is the pen name of two real-life square dancing writers.  As Rosalee, co-authors Cyndi Riccio and Rhonda Brinkmann joined forces to create the Darla King cozy mystery series.  Darla and her friends portray the warmth and friendship among square dancers.  Darla's curiosity often puts her squarely in the midst of unusual circumstances, and Darla can't let go until the mystery is solved.


Rosalee Richland said...

Thanks so much for the spotlight!

Meghan H said...

You (or y'all haha) are very welcome. The series looks good and I love the fact that Rosalee is actually two people. I would have never guessed :)