Friday, March 13, 2015

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: What Doesn't Kill Us

What Doesn't Kill Us
Nirina Stone

Genre: Thriller, Psychological, Crime, Dysfunctional Relationships
Publication date: 3.13.2015
Pages: 197

Lucy Reynolds is at university, where her abusive childhood continues to haunt her.  She learns to protect herself from pain by avoiding attention, and keeping secrets at any cost.  Her only desire is to quietly make it through school, then disappear into an inconspicuous life.
            A Secret Society called the Seven has other plans, and intends to make her one of their own.  They induct her and another girl called Talia; both girls are powerless to resist their advances, and both are quickly drawn into their inner circle.
            Talia goes missing, and Lucy wonders what's in store for her.  She's intrigued by the Seven and realizes they are far more powerful than she could imagine.  Their secrets become hers; but she's not sure if she's prepared to do whatever it takes to protect them.

About the author:
Nirina Stone is an avid reader, occasional country-hopper, and indie author.  She inhales suspense novels, thrillers, mystery, horror, speculative fiction and the occasional comedy.  Her writing may or may not touch on all of the above.  She lives in sunny Sydney, Australia with her hubby, two awesome preschool kids, and one crazy Tortie kitten.

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