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REVIEW: 52 Weeks of Adventure and Discovery for Your Soul

52 Weeks of Adventure & Discovery
for Your Soul
Clara Penner

Genre: Personal Development, Self Help
Publisher: BalboaPress
Publication date: 2.11.2013
Pages: 68

Recommended by: Sage's Blog Tours, Read 2 Review
Date read: 4.16.2015

This was not only a very beautiful (physically) book, but the words it spoke inside of it were just as beautiful.  Clara is very good at helping you see who you really are and sets of exercises for you to do to lead you along that journey.  She really makes you think, and motivates you to actually do in order to change your life.  As I said about her other book (Gentle Steps on the Journey of a Healing Heart), Clara really does come across as if she is a friend and wants to take this journey with you.  Those are the kind of self-help books I like - where you know that the author has been where you are and wants to help you find the love for yourself and your life that she has found.

In this book, she talks a little about her father, and his last days on this earth.  The story made me sad because I, too, lost my father - unfortunately, we did not have the warning that her and her family had and were unable to spend his last days with him.  To see the love that she had for him, her family, and herself, was a wonderful thing and I really enjoyed reading her words and working through the exercises that she provides.  With the death of her father, she learned that not everyone is promised a tomorrow and that, in putting off the things that we want to do - long to do - we are putting off ourselves.

This book was created to be more than just a book.  It can actually be a journal (or even scrapbook) just for you, with pages that are designed for you to keep track of all the adventures that you go on.  

The only problem I had with the book is that there were lots of editing issues, enough that, at times, it took away from the story she was trying to tell, and ruined the beauty of the book.  I hope she can go back and fix those so that people will not be turned off within her first few chapters because the book is definitely worth sticking out until the very end.

About the book:
Fifty-Two Weeks of Adventure and Discovery for Your Soul is packed full of adventure and discovery.  Each week for one full year, you can choose something that you want to do to infuse joy into your life.  Start checking off those things that you are saving for someday.
            As you allow your inner child to have fun you may find yourself wanting to be more conscious of who you are and who you want to be, so more of what you want can show up in your life.  Through the discovery of you, you can align your thoughts and actions so you can attract positive people and experiences in to your life.
            The journal section provides beautifully designed color journal pages to record your adventures and discovery; you can even add pictures and memorabilia to your pages.  You can look back on these wonderful memories of you choosing to start living, loving and becoming a part of your life.
            Let the adventure and discovery begin!

About the author:
It's me Clara Penner.  Author & Blogger.  Here is the scoop on me ...

I am the wife of one, mom of two kids (one boy, one girl, two dogs, and one cat).
            I love to explore energetic vibration, which would explain why my chosen career is to assist other lovely creators to live life by choice not chance so they can climb up on the energetic vibration scale and create an abundant life full of greatness.
            I also get to share all of the GREAT info I have learned over the past 12 years of learning how to use my emotions to propel me forward and not drag me under with all of my emotional surfing community over at my blog or on social media.
            My hobbies are meditation, writing, hanging out in nature with my four legged friends, camping, reading, and I love watching a great movie but truth be told it's the popcorn that lures me in every time.

That is a quick preview of me but who knows what great treasures are still to unfold in this adventure called life.

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